A new vision framework aimed at supporting future transformation and growth in Johnstone town centre has been given the green light.

The document, developed in partnership with the community through a series of consultation events last year, is said to capture the priorities of local people.

It sets out a long-term vision with actions to encourage town centre living, enhance public spaces, support community activities and improve pedestrian and traffic movement.

A report introducing the framework – approved at the economy and regeneration policy board on Tuesday – highlighted an opportunity to progress project ideas within it as ‘early wins’.

These initial actions, which the paper said would “demonstrate commitment to the vision, generate confidence and act as a catalyst for wider delivery”, are expected to focus on developing enhancements for civic squares, proposals to reimagine the town hall and town centre heritage.

Councillor Andy Doig, an independent representative for Johnstone North and the surrounding villages, told the board: “It will come as no surprise to other councillors that the heritage element of this vision particularly appeals to me.

“At some point convener, we should be looking to make a standalone heritage application to Historic Environment Scotland for a Johnstone project.

“If you look at museums like the industrial museum at Summerlee in Coatbridge it shows how much we could still do to celebrate the rich industrial history of Johnstone and there’s a lot of potential there for creating more jobs and to build the local economy.”

Councillor Andy Steel, board convener and SNP representative for Johnstone South and Elderslie, said there would be “no fund left unexplored” as attempts are made to move projects forward.

He added: “We really don’t do bricks and mortar very well in Johnstone, we do losing bricks and mortar very well, but we don’t really do keeping them.

“I’m very keen that we change that. That’s an aspect I’m quite keen to push on with.”

Councillor Doig also requested economy and development liaise with planning on the state of play of an application for homes in the Millbrae area – which he said businesses and residents are keen to see proceed – and with OneRen about the prospect of promoting the theatre in the town hall as an arts venue.

Councillor Steel accepted and seconded the request.