Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross is using the General Election campaign to urge the Scottish Government to cap bus fare journeys at £2.

The scheme is currently in effect for single journeys south of the border, excluding London, and is so far expected to run until the end of 2024.

However, transport policy is devolved to Scotland, so Ross is calling on the Scottish Government to "get on board" with the plans currently in place in England.

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During a visit to a First Bus depot in Glasgow, Ross said his party will demand the SNP focus on the priorities of Scotland, including "improving public transport".

Mr Ross said: "Our manifesto will include proposals to save people money and improve Scotland's public transport network.

"We would cap bus fares at £2 for a single fare so people can get to work or visit family more affordably.

"Reducing bus fares in the rest of the UK is helping save passengers money and encouraging more people to travel by bus.

"The SNP must get on board with reducing the cost of travel for Scottish people struggling financially after the global cost-of-living crisis.

"By voting Scottish Conservative on July 4, people up and down Scotland can help us beat the SNP and tell the nationalists to focus on their top priorities, such as improving public transport for commuters."