Another week of election fever and another story of disastrous mismanagement by the SNP.

For too long, they have been allowed to squander Scotland’s potential, mismanaging resources, and failing to deliver on their promises.

Their latest debacle – the reported return of £450 million of structural funding to the EU – is not just a staggering example of incompetence but a stark betrayal of the Scottish people.

This colossal sum was allocated to Scotland and could have been used to improve employment opportunities, make Scotland more competitive, build a sustainable low-carbon Scotland and tackle poverty and inequality – all eligible for EU Funding.

Instead, the Scottish Government let the potential use of this money get mired in bureaucratic delay and red tape with no political oversight. It’s a lost opportunity that epitomises the SNP’s inability to govern effectively. Imagine the transformation £450 million could have brought to our communities and the economy and to the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of Scots - giving them support to help them into jobs or to start a new business.

But the SNP’s mismanagement isn’t just confined to European Funding. Our public services, particularly our healthcare system, are already stretched to breaking point. The pattern of neglect, of failure to scrutinise how money is being used, the obsession with new announcements of small pots of money to get a photo opportunity for a Minister has replaced scrutiny and governance.

It’s not just the mismanagement of funds that is concerning. It’s the broader pattern of SNP’s inability to govern.

This is a party that promised a progressive Scotland but has delivered stagnation and decline. Under their watch, we’ve seen an increase in poverty rates, with more families than ever relying on food banks.

There was a recent report that almost nine in 10 children are living in poverty in some areas of Glasgow – and Govanhill West has the highest rate in Britain, with more than 88% of kids aged 0-15 facing deprivation.

This is a damning report, and it is imperative that all levels of government take urgent action to address the unacceptable poverty levels.

Our infrastructure is crumbling, and essential services are being cut.

The SNP talks a good game about independence and sovereignty, but when it comes to managing the day-to-day needs of the Scottish people, they are found wanting.

The return of £450m is more than a financial blunder; it’s a symbol of the SNP’s failure to prioritise the needs of Scotland.

This money could have been used to develop our digital infrastructure and invest in green energy initiatives that would create jobs and help combat climate change. Instead, it’s gone, and with it, the chance to make a real difference in the lives of ordinary Scots.

The SNP has had ample opportunity to prove their competence and commitment to Scotland, and they have fallen short time and time again. 

It’s time for a change. Scottish Labour offers a vision of hope and renewal, grounded in practical solutions and a genuine commitment to the people of Scotland.

The return of £450m to the EU is not just a number; it’s a painful reminder of what we’ve lost under the SNP.

Let’s ensure that our future is not defined by missed opportunities but by real, tangible progress.