GLASGOW’s famous symbols – the bird, tree, fish and bell – are part of new branding to mark the city’s 850th birthday.

Glasgow City Council has revealed the new look ahead of the milestone anniversary in 2025 with the help of Saracen Primary pupils.

Jaxson, who is in primary six at the Possilpark school, said: “I think it’s a cool idea. We’ve learned about the city’s story with the bird, bell, fish and the tree and so I can see that they mean something to Glasgow.”

His classmate David added: “I love the idea of thinking up what our own symbols might be and how that can be something we want to see in Glasgow’s future.”

The brand, which is based on the idea of badges, will be free to use and made available to businesses, and community groups to help them show support for Glasgow 850.

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Designed by Glasgow-based firm Tangent, the idea came from thinking about how people use physical badges to represent who they are – reflecting passions, achievements and allegiances.

People will be offered different digital ‘badge’ icons to use, each representing something the city can be proud of; and a way to curate their own icons with meaningful and relevant symbols.

Throughout 2025 Glasgow will mark its 850th birthday by delivering, with partners, a, citywide programme that celebrates and reflects on the city’s recent past, present and future. The programme will be announced in September.

The calendar of signature events and community-based activities is being curated to let those with a connection to Glasgow, at home and abroad, get involved to tell their stories.

Alison McGill, headteacher at Saracen Primary, said: “Seeing the brand has given us a great starting point to go away and have a think about how we might turn this milestone for the city into a learning opportunity for the children, what it means to them and how we can get involved next year.

“Sense of identity is a key part of our children’s learning as it gives a strong feeling of belonging. For this reason, we start every new school year with a local area study, next year we will be extending our focus city-wide.”

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Susanne Miller, chief executive of Glasgow City Council, said: “Marking the city’s 850th birthday is an opportunity that goes beyond celebrations and commemorations. "It acknowledges the contributions of generations who have shaped the city, gives a platform to grow a shared sense of belonging and invites people to guide our future.

“This new Glasgow850 brand is an imaginative and inclusive way for people to take part and express what Glasgow means to them.”