GLASGOW’S music venues are taking a starring role in a brand-new music video for single Glasgow City Lights.  

The song was written by singer-songwriter Matt Owens, who previously played bass in Noah and the Whale before the band spit in 2015, and released by his band Matt Owens & The Delusional Vanity Project earlier this year.  

Coming from his fourth album Way Out West, Matt says he was inspired to write the song after heading up to Glasgow for a gig after becoming a dad. 

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Matt Owens (Image: Supplied)

“The song itself was after I’d had kids and I was really looking forward to going up to Glasgow to play and I was staying the night,” Matt explains.  

“And I remember going up there and its two things.  

“It’s a celebration of the city and the fact I’m up there playing it and I did a great gig at The Hug and Pint and then as soon as I finished the gig I missed my kids.  

“As we get more successful in this industry the tradeoff is you spend more time away from home.” 

He added: “It’s kind of a love song to the city and it’s also a heartbreak track about the trials and tribulations of trying to do music.” 

Still from Glasgow City LightsStill from Glasgow City Lights (Image: Supplied/ Jason Hunter)

Glasgow City Lights has been played by Iain Anderson and Ricky Ross on BBC Scotland which Matt says has been great for the band as an “underdog” not signed to a major label. 

The video has also now been released, with its Glasgow scenes shot by local videographer Jason Hunter and is being premiered on the Glasgow Times. 

It features well-known music venues around the city including Box, The Garage, Saint Luke’s, Barrowland Ballroom and King Tut’s to name just a few.  

Matt says he wanted the video to include some of his favourite parts of the city and hopes it serves as a reminder to people in Glasgow about how lucky they are to have so many great venues on their doorstep.  

He said: “I wanted to get King Tut’s in there.  

“Noah [and the Whale] used to play the Oran Mor, the Barrowlands I think we played with Arcade Fire once. 

“I wanted to get all these places just for my own pleasure that reminded me of why I love the city in the first place.” 

He continued: “I’d think that was pretty cool [if I was from Glasgow], even it’s its just you being reminded of all your city’s great venues.  

“You’ve got all these great venues but if they don’t get attended and people don’t go to them they’re not going to be there any longer.  

“I think that’s a timely reminder because God forbid you look t that video in five to 10 years and be like ‘do you remember that place’. 

“I genuinely think for the last couple of decades you have had the best music scene in the UK and that is to be celebrated and cherished.” 

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Still from Glasgow City LightsStill from Glasgow City Lights (Image: Supplied/ Jason Hunter)

As a musician, Matt says Glasgow stands out to him because of the way both local and visiting artists are supported and the way even the smallest venues are celebrated.  

“Glasgow has probably had the best music scene in the UK for the last I’d say almost 20 years,” Matt says.  

“I remember going up there with Noah and the Whale and coming from London, I couldn’t believe the venues and the crowds.  

“London doesn't do particularly good small venues, but Glasgow is swimming in it.  

“And also, I’d say Glasgow’s really open to other people coming in.  

“There are certain cities that are more territorial, but I’d say Glasgow looks after its own but it’s also an international city, it’s very welcoming of others and I think that makes the whole scene much stronger. 

“So, for me, it’s always been a destination point.” 

He continued: “If you go to New York, they actually love their small venues and I think that’s something New York shares with Glasgow.  

“How celebrated is for example King Tut’s? 

“I love The Hug and Pint and as you start to get slightly bigger, the Oran Mor is amazing.  

“Glasgow really seems to have it right.” 

You can view the video for Glasgow City Lights on YouTube HERE.