Asda has launched football fan zones for elderly people to enjoy this summer's biggest football tournament together.

The initiative comes as new research revealed that more than 1.9 million individuals over 65 will be watching the matches alone.

With the typical fan zones generally teeming with crowds, these Nanzone spaces have been particularly developed to serve older people, ensuring they don't have to watch the matches in isolation.

The launch was borne out of the retailer’s Togetherness Tracker, surveying how customers, community groups, and colleagues wish to support their local communities.

(Image: Morrow Communications Ltd)

The results show that 60 percent believe more needs to be done to tackle loneliness and social isolation, highlighting the elderly as the group most needing support.

Asda is encouraging its Community Champions across its Scotland stores to create their own Nanzone events over the summer to engage with local community groups.

David Hills, chief customer officer at Asda, said: “Sport has a way of bringing people together like nothing else.

(Image: Morrow Communications Ltd)

"That’s why we want to use the power of football fandom to help strengthen community spirit this summer – and the Nanzones sit at the heart of that ambition.

"Our colleagues and customers really care about supporting the elderly in their communities, and we hope that by encouraging the nation to join our pledge to bring people together, we can help combat loneliness and social isolation.”