The brutal impact of 14 years of Tory cruelty and cuts has to be reversed as a result of this Westminster election.

Whoever forms the next government will be taking office at a crucial time for our environment. The decisions we make over the next five years will be vital to securing a sustainable future.

Scottish Greens are offering a plan to transition away from fossil fuels and provide vital new investment in public transport, housing, energy efficiency and renewables.

We are proposing a Green New Deal investment programme. that will increase annual public investment by around £28 billion - or 1% of GDP. £28bn of climate spending, funded by taxes on the wealthy and big polluters.

The Scottish Greens would end subsidies and handouts to the fossil fuel industry and require all public sector pensions to divest from fossil fuels while introducing a £1000 per head tax on private jet users. The investment programme would be funded by wealth taxes on polluters and the super-rich.

In the Scottish Greens General Election Manifesto, we also set out the plans that are needed to support vulnerable people and families.

We are calling for an immediate end to the benefit cap. We know that this arbitrary and cruel benefit cap has taken an average of £51 a week from almost 28,000 Scots families since its introduction.

We also support the scrapping of the bedroom tax, and abolition of the abhorrent two-child limit, which makes women and children pay the brunt of Westminster’s ideological obsession with austerity.

Scottish Greens would make sure everyone is guaranteed a minimum income. This offers a social security net that provides access to a good standard of living for all.

We propose giving parents the right to a full year of paid maternity, paternity or shared parental leave, and creating a legal entitlement to paid compassionate leave on the death of a loved one.

The UK is not just rich, it’s one of the wealthiest countries in history, but that wealth is being hoarded. To break the stranglehold that the powerful few have over our country requires more than simply the redistribution of wealth. We have to change the system too. Nowhere is that more urgent than in politics itself.

Politics should not be for sale, which is why in the Scottish Greens manifesto, we support full implementation of the recommendations made by the Committee on Standards in Public Life report and limits on political donations. This action is required to protect democracy from dark money and vested interests.

Scottish Greens are prepared to fight every day for a fair and inclusive society. Our public services must be here for everyone who needs them when they need them.

There is no time left to postpone the decisive action we need to save the planet and build a fair and green country.

Every vote for the Scottish Greens on July 4 is a vote for climate action and the tackling of poverty right at the heart of Westminster.