A man attacked a security guard after he was knocked back from a Glasgow nightclub.

Liam Mitchell was in a queue outside of SWG3 in Glasgow’s West End at around 11.40pm on December 2, 2023.

The 26-year-old had travelled from Dundee to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

He was refused entry to the Eastvale Place venue.

A short time later he returned and approached a man and woman who were standing outside.

Mitchell then unprovoked threw a punch which missed the man and instead made contact with the woman’s arm.

This was seen by a security officer who attempted to intervene however Mitchell then attacked her by kicking her on the thigh and punching her on the head.

Several other members of security staff then attended and Mitchell was restrained.

Two police officers who were at the nightclub for a separate incident were asked to assist security.

Mitchell was arrested and placed in handcuffs.

As he was brought to his feet he began to pull away from police and managed to break out of his handcuffs.

Mitchell was taken to the ground and restrained again.

Whilst on the ground he continued to struggle and bit a police constable’s thumb.

More officers attended and handcuffs were reapplied successfully.

Mitchell was then fast strapped as he was repeatedly trying to kick out and a spit hood was placed over his head.

During the struggle, Mitchell fell to the ground and sustained a cut to his head.

After being placed in a cell van he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Whilst waiting for treatment the spit hood was removed. Once it was taken off, Mitchell spat at a cop.

He was given two staples to the head by medical staff before later being released.

Mitchell was then taken to Clydebank police office where he was cautioned and charged. He made no reply.

Mitchell, of Dundee, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing on June 19 after pleading guilty to four charges.

These included assaulting a woman by punching her on the body, assaulting a security guard by kicking her on the body and punching her on the head, assaulting a cop and struggling with him, repeatedly kicking and attempting to kick him on the body and biting him on the body, and assaulting another police officer by spitting at him and causing his spit to strike him on the body.

Mitchell’s lawyer told the court that his client was “thoroughly ashamed by his behaviour”.

The defence solicitor said: “He had come down from Dundee to celebrate a friend’s birthday and consumed alcohol.

“Whilst waiting in the queue he was offered an illicit substance. He took the tablet and that seems to have caused a bad effect as he became aggressive.

“He was paranoid and scared thinking people were laughing and mocking him. He is thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour.

“It is unlikely he will re-offend and he has no previous convictions or matters outstanding.”

Sheriff Bernard Ablett tagged Mitchell for 40 days. He will have to remain within his home address between the hours of 7pm and 7am.