CALLS are again being made for transport bosses to extend the Sunday hours of the Glasgow Subway.

A petition was launched on June 21 by Kier Davison who feels the early closures are “out of date” and “unnecessary”.

It has so far gathered 170 signatures.

The subway is operated by the Scottish Partnership for Transport (SPT) and is currently open until 11.40pm every day except Sunday when it closes just after 6pm.

Kier claims this leaves many people including himself seeking alternative and sometimes more expensive modes of transport to get home after work or nights out.

The 22-year-old said: “Glasgow is a very friendly city but it is still a city and unfortunately I know of friends who have had quite scary experiences happen late at night which is why having access to public transport as much as possible is so important.

“I think the subway is one of the most reliable and safest ways of getting around the city. It’s far safer to be waiting on a subway platform that people have to pay money to get to than be waiting at a bus stop on your own late at night, particularly in winter.

“I also discussed with my friends that traditionally Sunday has been a day of rest but that isn’t really something that happens nowadays.

“Glasgow is a modern city so a lot of people don’t observe this and many businesses are open. I think the transport system in the city has to keep up with its people.”

The Kelvinbridge resident says he relies on the subway almost every day including travelling to and from work.

He noted that there have been occasions in the past where the service remained open for longer on Sundays such as during the Christmas period.

Kier believes this shows the subway is capable of operating on extended hours.

He said: “That [longer opening hours at Christmas] went on for a good few weeks and I know intermittently they’ve kept it open for various large football matches so it shows that they can do it.

“I think they are clearly able to do it and have the facilities to be able to do it and I don’t think it would be that much of a big step to make it a permanent fixture.

“Someone also pointed out to me that for those who don’t have a bus pass, it can actually sometimes be more expensive to take the bus than the subway.

“So, not only is it one of the most reliable options but it’s also one of the cheapest ones. I don’t think people who need to travel or work on Sundays should have to pay extra.

“This would make a huge difference.”

Kier’s petition, which can be viewed HERE, isn’t the first to call on SPT to extend the subway’s opening hours.

In December we reported that the rollout of new trains to the subway system had led to similar calls from a local councillor.

Thomas Kerr, Conservative councillor for Shettleston, welcomed the introduction of the new trains but highlighted that this “should not be the end of improvements on the subway”

New subway trainNew subway train (Image: Newsquest) Cllr Kerr said: “Our ‘clockwork orange’ underground system is one of the most iconic around the world.

“Glaswegians and visitors alike have waited a long time to see trains upgraded on the network, so they will be excited to undertake journeys on them.

“However, this significant investment should not be the end of improvements on the subway. For far too long the archaic 6pm closure of the subway on a Sunday night has hampered our night-time economy and affected those who rely on it for work.”

SPT has confirmed that extended opening is its aim and it is working towards that once the subway modernisation is completed.

An SPT spokesperson said: “We have already stated our intention to review Subway operating hours once the Subway modernisation programme is complete.

"Subway endeavours to support various events in the city throughout the year including extending opening times for major events when it can. 

“The early close on Sunday evening remains vital at the moment as it allows for essential maintenance and for more intensive work from the modernisation programme, including installation of new signalling and equipment, to be complete.”