CONCERNS are mounting over the future of the long-standing Barshaw Golf Club in Paisley after a burst pipe caused “extensive damage” to the clubhouse.

Members are fearing the worst after it was calculated repairs – covering issues such as new flooring, doors, a kitchen and electrics – would cost in excess of £100,000.

As a result of the eye-watering estimates, Renfrewshire Council, which is responsible for maintenance of the building, confirmed it does not intend to carry out the works “at this time” as it reviews its entire property portfolio.

The stark situation – combined with the state of the course itself – has troubled avid golfers and, while their changing facilities have survived, they are worried a complete closure could be on the horizon in the future.

John McLaughlin, club secretary, said: “We were actually worried they might just shut down the whole course and say, ‘We can’t keep this going’.

“We obviously can’t do without a headquarters. We need a central base to keep clubs, records and whatever.

“It would be extremely difficult to maintain the club without that building, to bring in members and keep the turnover going.

“It’s an integral part of Barshaw Park and the public are used to having it there.

“If anything was to happen to that pavilion, it would be a total nightmare.”

It is understood the burst pipe originated in the loft area of the building and was identified in January. It inflicted damage on the old club and staff area.

Mr McLaughlin reflected on the history of the club as he spoke about the potential impact of the council not carrying out the repairs.

He said: “We were inaugurated with the opening of Barshaw Golf Club in 1926 and we hold several trophies like the George Walker and the Rosslyn Mitchell.

“We used to have quite a substantial membership and a youth section but Covid put the kybosh on a lot of stuff with not being able to open up for quite a few years.

“But this would be devastating. When I heard it was £100,000, I just gave up hope.”

Councillor Graeme Clark, a Labour representative for Paisley Northeast and Ralston, said: “This is a public golf course that has served the people of Renfrewshire well for nearly 100 years, but recently due to Renfrewshire Council’s neglect there has been a failure of maintenance of both the clubhouse and course that now threatens its future.

“Poor maintenance and oversight has resulted in an early June estimate of over £100,000 of repairs for the clubhouse pavilion.

“At this point, the council has said, ‘given the current budgets and noting the income streams from the golf course, it is not economically viable to undertake this work.’

“In recent months due to lack of welfare facilities in the dilapidated clubhouse pavilion, there have been no OneRen staff on-site to collect payments or to facilitate the running of the course and so the low-income stream is directly attributable to the absence of staff and of any signage regarding payment.”

A council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, the burst pipe has caused extensive damage to the clubhouse building and the substantial repair costs mean we are not able to undertake the work required at this time.

“Work is ongoing to refurbish part of the building and bring the old shop area back into use, allowing members to use this for storing clubs and other associated equipment.

“Our neighbourhood services team have also recently been undertaking work to maintain the golf course and have increased grounds maintenance staffing resource within the golf course to facilitate this.

“We are currently reviewing our entire property portfolio as part of a strategic property review to assess the community need, operational need and costs associated with all buildings and properties.”

OneRen, the trust responsible for providing leisure opportunities in Renfrewshire, also released a statement.

A spokesperson said: “We are unable to position a staff member in the pavilion at this time, so we continue to direct pay-as-you-play golfers to Seedhill pavilion in order to pay for their golf or to pay for their golf via our advertised telephone number.

“The same system remains in place to support golfers wishing to purchase or renew season tickets. Signage remains in place at Barshaw to support this.”