A THUG slapped his partner while she held a baby after an argument over having a vape in his flat.

Aiden Penman, 27, lashed out at the woman, 21, at the property in Dalmarnock on October 18, 2021.

Penman was enraged after he discovered an e-cigarette in his flat.

Penman pinned the woman to the ground and choked her.

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He then went on to slap her but accidentally caught the baby, which caused the child to cry.

Penman earlier assaulted the woman while at a party.

Penman pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to engaging in a course of behaviour which was abuse of a partner or ex-partner.

The charge spans between 2019 and 2022.

The court heard about the incident in October 2021 at Penman’s flat.

The pair - who were caring for the baby - had an argument.

Prosecutor Jessica McGowan said: “He was not happy that she had left her vape around the flat where the child could reach it.”

The woman locked herself in a bedroom but Penman was able to force the door open then dragged her by the hair.

He put her on the ground and choked her before she struck him with a mobile phone which burst open his eyebrow.

On realising he was injured, Penman then stood on her head.

A further argument took place while the woman had the baby in her arms.

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Miss McGowan said: “Penman slapped [the woman] on the face which has accidentally also struck the child.

“The child started crying and Penman left the flat.”

The woman tried to lock the door behind him but he was able to punch her to the face which caused a wound to her eye.

The court earlier heard the pair were at a party in 2020. They had an argument during which Penman vomited and the woman had to clean it up.

She then left the room and refused to go back in when Penman demanded her to do so.

Miss McGowan said: “He then grabbed her by the throat and pushed her into a doorframe causing her to hit the door and fall.”

Others at the party had to get involved and Penman fled the scene after being told that the police were going to be called.

The court was also told about an earlier incident in spring 2019 when Penman grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against a lamp post.

There was another attack in which Penman punched her to the nose which resulted in a fracture.

Sheriff Owen Mullan imposed a five-year non-harassment order on Penman, of the city’s Milton, prohibiting his contact with the woman.