After a long election campaign, the polls have finally opened. You are presented with a simple choice when you go into the polling station: more of the same with the SNP and Tories – or change for the better under a ­Labour government.

The last 14 years of Tory government at Westminster have been a disaster for Glasgow; they have driven down living standards and cut social security, plunging thousands of families into poverty.

Working people today are worse off than they were when the Conservative government got the keys to Downing Street in 2010 – that is what you must judge them on when choosing who to give your vote to.

And despite their spin, the SNP for 17 years have presided over the managed decline of Glasgow; the streets are filthy and infrastructure across the city is ­crumbling.

We are in the midst of a housing emergency in Glasgow, yet SNP Ministers in Edinburgh have slashed the social housing budget by over a quarter – time and time again, they have let Glasgow down.

This election is the most important in my lifetime; it is a chance to elect a Labour government that is on the side of working people – a government that will work every day to serve all the people of our country, not just a wealthy, well-connected few as the Tories do.

All that the SNP has been able to muster up during this election campaign is that a vote for the SNP will “send a message” to Westminster.  We can do so much better than just sending a message – we can send Labour MPs who will be part of the government, who can use their influence to put Glasgow’s interests at the top of the agenda.

For the last decade, Glasgow’s SNP MPs have been sitting on the green benches in the House of Commons shouting and bawling – and what do we have to show for it? Nothing.

When you vote for Labour, you will get an MP who is there to stand up for you and your ­community.

Tomorrow – if Labour has enough MPs to form a government – the Deputy Prime Minister Angela Rayner will get straight to work on bringing about the ­biggest change to workers’ rights in a generation.

This is so vital because the ­Tories have plunged thousands of working people into poverty; in-work poverty is at record high levels, and we now have thousands of food banks that too many people rely on to put food on the table.

We know what a Labour government can do; the last Labour government achieved the biggest reduction in child poverty in our country’s history.

The New Deal for Working People will be a transformational piece of legislation that will improve living standards across the country. To get people out of in-work-poverty, we will deliver a genuine living wage and ban exploitative zero-hour contracts that leave families in limbo week-to-week.

The Tories have allowed electric and gas bills to skyrocket in recent years and the SNP have failed to grasp the opportunities that come with net zero. Labour will set up the publicly owned energy firm, GB Energy, that will cut bills and bring about clean energy by 2030.

Today, there is a real opportunity to kick Rishi Sunak and his corrupt cronies out of Downing Street and elect a Labour government that will strive every day to deliver improvements to the lives of working people.

If you want to maximise Glasgow’s voice in government, if you want a change from the decline of the last decade, then go down to your polling station and vote ­Labour before 10pm tonight.