MORE shops, road safety, and GP waiting times are among some of the most important issues to voters across Mid Dunbartonshire.

Ahead of the General Election on July 4, the Glasgow Times spoke to constituents in the constituency to find out what matters to them.

Amy Callaghan was the MP for East Dunbartonshire, now Mid Dunbartonshire following the parliamentary constituency boundaries change, having won the seat from the Liberal Democrats in 2019.

The SNP candidate is standing again this time around and will be challenged by Lorna Dougall (Scottish Labour), Ray James (Alba), Alix Mathieson (Conservative & Unionist Party), David McNabb (Reform UK), Susan Murray (Liberal Democrats), and Carolynn Scrimgeour (Scottish Green Party).

Our reporter spoke to several Mid Dunbartonshire residents recently who told us what issues they would like to see improved/addressed in the region.

What issues are important to voters in Mid Dunbartonshire?

Christeen JohnsonChristeen Johnson (Image: Newsquest staff) Christeen Johnson, who lives in Bearsden, has already voted and says that she feels road safety is very important.

She said: “The road verges need to be cleared and the vegetation needs cut down. People can’t see the road signs.

“Road safety is so important because there’s so many cars about. I also can’t get an appointment at the doctors.

“I want to see that improved.”

John FlemingJohn Fleming (Image: Newsquest staff) John Fleming, a Bearsden resident, says he plans to vote on July 4.

He explained that he’d like to see more support for businesses.

John said: “I am planning to vote. I’d like to see businesses supported. When I look at the closed shops I do wonder about the business rates and that kind of thing.

“Park areas too, it’s important for them to be kept nice. Education is also vitally important.

“I know the schools in the area are classed as very good but maybe there’s a bit of complacency.”

Elizabeth CorlettElizabeth Corlett (Image: Newsquest staff) Elizabeth Corlett, who lives in Milngavie, also intends to vote on July 4.

She says she would like a better variety of shops.

Elizabeth added: “There’s not a huge variety of shops. I know it sounds silly but I’m looking to buy a pack of screws and there isn’t anywhere for me to buy them here so I’ll need to go to either Clydebank or Bishopbriggs for B&Q.

“I think the other thing we’re lacking in is places to eat. The empty shops too, it’s such a shame.

“There are two very large empty shops in the town centre.”

Joe KeenanJoe Keenan (Image: Newsquest staff) Joe Keenan, who is also a Milngavie resident, is planning to vote.

He said: “I’d like to see the government change. I’m just really fed up with the general state of the country, the NHS, the schools, everything that the government is supposed to be in charge of.”

Sean Smith, from Bearsden, explained that he will be voting. Sean works for an estate agent and says he wants to see a drop in interest rates.

He said: “The cost of living is very important. We need more investment in services, the roads are shocking so I’d like to see more investment in them.

“I work for an estate agents so interest rates and what not coming down and impacting on the mortgage rates.

“The cycle lane here is also a massive issue. I’d like to see it completed or at least expanded.”

Patricia McManusPatricia McManus (Image: Newsquest staff) Patricia McManus, who lives in Milngavie, raised concerns over waiting times.

She said: “Someone in my work said they’ve had trouble getting an appointment at the doctor.

“They said it’s ridiculous you can’t get one now and then by the time you do the issue is gone.

“Politicians aren’t interested anymore that’s how I feel. They want your vote but they aren’t doing anything with it.”