A BIGOT hurled sectarian abuse at his company’s directors after he resigned.

Christopher Innes, 38, made the comments towards Bernard and Sean Corrigan on June 3, 2022.

Innes left his employment at Bernard's fishmonger firm in Glasgow city centre after he believed he was the victim of "demeaning behaviour".

He told his boss to “stick your job up your a**e” and called him a “fenian a***hole.”

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Innes, of Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, went on to bombard Bernard and Sean with phone calls and text messages.

One referred to the pair as “fenian scumbags".

Innes pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to committing two offences against the communications act aggravated by religious prejudice.

The court heard that Innes had a "disagreement" with the two men on the day of his resignation.

Innes removed his uniform and walked out without mentioning his departure to anyone.

He called Bernard on his mobile to inform him of his resignation and became abusive.

Innes said: “Stick your job up your a**e, you are an a***hole, not just that, you are a fenian a***hole.”

Bernard was alarmed - deeming his former employee’s comment to be sectarian and abusive.

Innes went on to send text messages to Bernard.

One said: “You have not heard the last of me you p****.”

Another read: “Absolute fenian scumbags I promise that. Robbing b******s.”

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Sean received a number of phone calls from Innes which were not answered.

He also was sent abusive text messages one of which referenced Sean getting a “sore face".

Patrick Brechany, defending, told the sentencing that his client now works as a roofer.

The lawyer added: “He claimed he thought there was demeaning behaviour towards him in his employment.

“This is not an excuse for the texts and calls that the employers received.

“He does accept behaving in this manner is inappropriate and distressing for those who have to endure it.”

Sheriff Simone Sweeney imposed a £335 compensation order and put him under supervision for 12 months.