A restaurant mysteriously closed sparking questions about a sign outside of it.

Monterey Jack's has shut the doors to its East Kilbride branch.

The American dining eatery left a sign outside saying the closure was only temporary, but locals claim it has been shut since last year.

The Glasgow Times reached out to the restaurant chain to ask when it plans to reopen and why it closed, but they did not reply.

The restaurant has closedThe restaurant has closed (Image: Sourced)

The sign outside the door reads: “This location is temporarily closed.

“Your nearest Monterey Jack’s restaurant is at M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

One resident said: “It’s been shut for a while but I am actually not surprised.”

A second resident said “They shut around when the one at M&D’s opened.”

A third resident said: “It has been closed since sometime last year. The sign seems confusing, what is going on?”

A fourth resident said: “One day they put a sign on the front door with no explanation as to why it had shut. It says only temporary but there's no signs of it opening soon.”

A fifth resident said: “It is a bit of a mystery because we have no idea when or if it will reopen. No clue why it closed either.”

Monterey Jack's did not respond to comment.