A Glasgow dental team climbed Conic Hill raising thousands for a children's ward.

The team from the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry (SCED), part of the PortmanDentex group, decided on the challenge to support the Schiehallion ward at the Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow (RHCG).

The ward cares for children and young people with blood-borne cancer and diseases.

Every year, more than 100 children are treated in the Schiehallion wards and despite eight out of ten children surviving cancer is still a leading cause of death for children in Scotland.

This fact led to the dental team's decision to embark on the challenge on May 25 to raise £3,000 for a children’s ward.

The team presented the cheque to nurses   (Image: SCED)

Fiona Hunter, practice manager at SCED said: "The Schiehallion ward is close to home for all of us because one of our longest standing nurses, Lesley, has a grandson who has been treated there since birth for a rare genetic blood disorder.

"The ward was named after the mountain Schiehallion to mirror the journey for children with cancer as an uphill struggle, but one they can walk up with lots of people to help them get to the top.

"And this inspired us to come together and do our sponsored walk to raise funds for the ward."

Joey inspired the team   (Image: SCED)

She added: "The team of 24, which consisted of staff members and their friends and family, enjoyed the team building experience.

"It took us a couple of hours to climb but despite the challenge of reaching the top, the team remained motivated throughout.

"This was fueled by the charitable cause and the presence of Lesley’s grandson, Joey, along the way."

For more about the SCED, visit: https://www.scottishdentistry.com/