VOTERS at a polling station in the West End of Glasgow were met with posters displaying 'incorrect instructions' for their ballot this morning, it has been revealed.

People turning up to vote at the station within Notre Dame Primary School encountered posters asking them to number candidates in order of preference.

A concerned voter said that instructions telling voters to number the candidates had been left in some booths while others had no instructions at all, STV News reports.

This voting method is known as Single Transferable Vote – which is used in local elections in Scotland.

However, the General Election is decided using the First Past the Post voting method.

This method requires voters to put an ‘X’ in the box of their preferred candidate.

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Glasgow City Council say that the error was spotted “very soon” after the polling station opened and only affected the first few voters.

A GCC spokesperson said: “The error was spotted very soon after the polling station opened and after the first few voters entered.  

“It was replaced with the correct information. No one has been disenfranchised as the first preference will be taken from the ballot paper."

Chris Highcock, secretary of the Electoral Management Board for Scotland, explained that any ballots submitted during this period will be valid.

He said: “On a paper marked with numbers the clear preference would be for the candidate numbered one.”