The Exit Poll as voting closed in the General Election suggests a Labour landslide across the UK with Keir Starmer becoming Prime Minister with a huge majority.

The poll for the BBC, ITV and Sky put Labour on 410 seats with the Tories suffering humiliating losses on 131.

It puts the SNP on 10 seats down from the 48 it won in 2019 and losing its status as the third biggest party at Westminster.

The Liberal Democrats were put at 61 and Reform UK on 13, both making big gains from the Conservatives if the poll is accurate.

As the polls closed at 10pm Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, work would start straight away on changing the UK.

He said: “I would like to thank all those across Scotland who have chosen change and put their trust in Scottish Labour.

“I am proud of the positive and hopeful campaign we have led and I am proud of our volunteers and candidates.

“This election was always about change and improving the lives of the people of Scotland.

“If the people of the country put their trust in Labour and give us the honour of forming the next government, then a Labour government will get to work straight away to serve the people of our country.

“For too long, Scots have been failed and let down.


“Labour is ready to put Scotland at the heart of government, to serve the people of Scotland and to deliver the change Scotland needs.”