AT the election count in Glasgow, the faces of the candidates and activists told a story.

Ballot boxes began arriving shortly after polls closed at 10 pm and all boxes from all over the city’s six constituencies were in the hall by 11.30pm.

Following the nationwide exit poll and as votes began to be emptied, it was becoming clear the story was one of success for Labour.

SNP candidates – many having been MPs for almost a decade – were looking pensive as their agents and campaigners were doing the calculations from observing samples of papers.

Across the UK as early results were coming through, Labour faces were looking ever more confident.

(Image: Colin Mearns)

Sunderland Central was the first to declare and Labour held it comfortably.

In Glasgow, the Greens were hopeful of increasing their vote.

The party was never expected to win any seats in the city but is looking ahead to building for the next Holyrood election.

(Image: Colin Mearns)

Around the six counts in the Emirates Arena the faces told the same story.

(Image: Colin Mearns)

Labour were looking forward to a good night in Glasgow, Scotland and across the UK.

While the SNP were looking like a party that was losing the grip on a city it had held since 2015, when it took all seven seats.