Patricia Ferguson said Labour’s win in Glasgow was “just the beginning” as she took the newly formed Glasgow West seat.

Ferguson defeated Carol Monaghan of the SNP who had been the MP for the North West seat since 2015.

The Glasgow City councillor and former long-serving MSP for the Maryhill and then Maryhill and Springburn constituencies will now take up her seat in the House of Commons.

(Image: newsquest)

Ferguson, said: “I want to thank the people of Glasgow West and I pledge to work tirelessly in their interest.

“I will be a voice for all the communities I now serve, and I will be a visible presence in those communities.

“I know that many people voted Labour for the first time today, or perhaps came back to us at this election.

"And I promise them that I will do my very best to deliver the change they voted for.”

(Image: Colin Mearns)

She outlined her and her party’s priorities for the next five years in government.

She added: “This election is a vote for the change our country so desperately needs.

“Our government, Our Labour government will deliver economic stability, cheaper bills courtesy of GB energy, we’ll cut waiting lists in the NHS, we’ll deliver a new deal for working people, create jobs and opportunities for young people and we’ll maximise Scotland’s interests at Westminster.”

(Image: Colin Mearns)

Not content with Labour taking all six MP seats back in Glasgow, she had an eye on the next Holyrood elections, in 2026.

Ferguson added: “Across the country it’s clear that people want change and across Glasgow, it’s no different.

“I really look forward to working with my new colleagues to make that change a reality for all the citizens of Glasgow.

“This election of course is just the beginning. We as the Labour Party will continue to build trust in Scotland and with my friend Anas Sarwar at the helm, Scotland will in two years time have the opportunity to vote to finish the job.”

Labour won all six of the Glasogw seats.

The results are as follows: 

Glasgow North East   Maureen Burke 

Glasgow East  John Grady 

Glasgow South  Gordon McKee 

Glasgow West    Patricia Ferguson 

Glasgow South West   Dr Zubir Ahmed 

Glasgow North   Martin Rhodes