LABOUR'S Zubir Ahmed has vowed to take the voices of those in Glasgow South West to Westminster after gaining the seat from SNP's Chris Stephens. 

Ahmed won the seat with 15,552 votes, beating Stephens' 12,267 votes with Glasgow South West having a voter turnout of 51.98%. 

The result means Stephens will no longer be the constituency MP, after winning the seat in 2015 and holding it in the 2017 and 2019 elections. 

(Image: Colin Mearns, Newsquest)

Also standing for Glasgow South West was the Green Party's John Hamelink who got 2727 votes, Mamum Ur Rashid for the Conservatives who got 1387 votes and the Lib Dems Paul McGarry who got 958 votes. 

Morag Macrae from Reform UK got 2236 votes while Tony Osy from the Alba Party got 542. 

(Image: Newsquest)

In a speech following his victory, Ahmed said: "To the people of Glasgow South West thank you.

"Your trust in me and the Labour Party is deeply deeply humbling.  

"This is the greatest honour one could have bestowed upon me as a son of Glasgow.  

"Please know, that whether you voted today for Labour for the first time, whether you vote Labour every time or indeed have never voted Labour ever I want you all to know I’m here for you.

"I’m ready to serve and I will be by your side especially when it feels like no one else is."

(Image: Colin Mearns, Newsquest)

He continued: "Friends, the message from tonight’s results is clear. The people demand change.  

"They expect a government who will heal our divided country. 

"Glasgow South West I will take your voices, your experiences and your aspirations, to the heart of the Labour government led by Prime Minister Keir Starmer. 

"You deserve nothing less. But to fully free ourselves from division, from stagnations, from self-serving governement here in Glasgow and Scotland we know this is just the beginning.  

"Under Anas Sarwar’s leadership, our work to fix our country has only just begun."

It comes after we previously reported that Scottish Labour has gained all six seats in Glasgow. 

The results are as follows: 

Glasgow North East   Maureen Burke 

Glasgow East  John Grady 

Glasgow South  Gordon McKee 

Glasgow West    Patricia Ferguson 

Glasgow South West   Dr Zubir Ahmed 

Glasgow North   Martin Rhodes