Labour’s victory is an end to the “chaos of 14 years of the Tories", Glasgow North’s new MP, Martin Rhodes, declared.

Rhodes won the redrawn seat back from the SNP defeating Alison Thewlis by more than 3500 votes.

After the result was declared former Glasgow councillor, Rhodes, was quick to pay tribute to Thewliss who had been MP for Glasgow Central since 2015.

(Image: Colin Mearns)

 Rhodes said: “I’ve known Alison for a number of years. Our times as Glasgow city councillors overlapped.

“Even though we have often disagreed on politics and policy, I recognise her commitment to her role as an elected representative, first as a councillor then as Member of Parliament.

“Across political differences we can respect and recognise that commitment and service.”

(Image: newsquest)

The new MP said a Labour government would mean change for people in the city.

(Image: Colin Mearns)

He said: “We are seeing a vote for change, here in Glasgow, in Scotland and across the United Kingdom.

“Labour is focussed on the priorities of working people.

“We will deliver economic stability, with cheaper bills through GB Energy, cutting NHS waiting times and a pay rise for 200,000 people.

“We are on course for a Labour government led by Keir Starmer that will have Scotland at its heart.

“This is an end to the chaos of the last 14 years of the Tories. It’s time to start to rebuild our country together.

“I will seek to play my part by getting on with eh job you’ve sent e to Westminster to do.

“Together we can make change happen.”

He added: My promise to all the people of Glasgow North, those who voted for me and those who didn’t, is that I will seek to serve you all as your Member of Parliament.

“The opportunity to serve the people of Glasgow North is a privilege and a responsibility.

“It is a responsibility that I will endeavour to deliver for all the people and communities of the constituency."

Labour won all six of the Glasgow seats.

The results are as follows: 

Glasgow North East   Maureen Burke 

Glasgow East  John Grady 

Glasgow South  Gordon McKee 

Glasgow West    Patricia Ferguson 

Glasgow South West   Dr Zubir Ahmed 

Glasgow North   Martin Rhodes