Glasgow has reacted to the SNP wipe out by speaking to us on Sauchiehall Street.

Labour’s win in all six Glasgow seats reversed the SNP’s historic 2015 victory in the city when they turned every seat yellow for the first time.

Now we asked the city how they are feeling about the shift with some claiming “there is no hope”, while others were excited about the change.

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Lola Aitchison, 55.Lola Aitchison, 55. (Image: Sourced) Lola Aitchison, 55, said: “I am very surprised at the convincing Labour swing. I am not surprised SNP lost so many votes.

“I am a massive Scotland fan but I never thought Independence was a good idea, because I never thought Scotland could afford to stand on its own two feet.

“I am hoping for more investment into the NHS, we have had difficulties. You can’t get a GP appointment for simple things. I also hope education can get sorted as well because the cuts are scary.”

Sheila McLean, 55.Sheila McLean, 55. (Image: Sourced)

Sheila McLean, 55, said: “There is no hope anymore. I feel like the government has lied to us all these years and nothing is getting better.

"It is the younger generation that will suffer. I had my day but it is them I feel sorry for.”

Emma Brady, 23.Emma Brady, 23. (Image: Sourced)

Emma Brady, 23, said: “I think it is a good thing Labour is in now, we need a change and things can get stagnant with the same leaders.

“I don’t think Labour is left enough anymore. If they really want to prove themselves they need to go back to those ideas that they were originally made up for. Things like the NHS are what they really need to focus on.

"There needs to be a real look at waiting times, my boyfriend had an x-ray and won't get the result for six weeks, which is insane. I think the education system needs to be looked at as well.

"The war in Gaza also needs to stop, there needs to be a ceasefire."

Colin McIntosh, 44.Colin McIntosh, 44. (Image: Sourced)

Colin McIntosh, 44 said: “I was generally an SNP supporter before, but I think they did lose their way with the last couple years.

“Labour had that stronger position this time. I think the NHS and waiting times need to be looked at. I was also walking up Sauchiehall Street today and just thought it was an eyesore. The city centre is a mess with refuge. Those are some key points I want to see change.”

Mathew McCan, 64.Matthew McCann(Image: Sourced)

Matthew McCann, 64, said: “I don’t know if there will be much difference. I want my new MP to try to do better.

"I am interested in more resources towards social care.”

Victor Eadie, 56.Victor Eadie, 56. (Image: Sourced)

Victor Eadie, 56: “It is not the Labour I remember. I don’t want to say this about Labour. I feel I have a connection with them because of socialism.

“I don’t have tons of hope I am dead realistic. Nothing will change drastically.”

Amanda Newall, 56.Amanda Newall, 56. (Image: Sourced)

Amanda Newall, 56, said: “Is a landslide Labour win what I expected? Yes. Am I looking forward to it? No.

“They have 100 days to deliver.

“I didn’t vote for Labour because I don’t like Keir Starmer. When he is asked a question he is never direct with his answer. I think he is just trying to satisfy everybody. The jury is out until I see what they produce.

“He was honest and said he can’t change everything, which I don't expect from him.”