A renowned Glasgow aesthetician will launch a new podcast series with Go Radio

Dr Kaly Jaff series will be available to listen to when it launches on July 11.

Born in Kurdistan, Dr Jaff moved to Glasgow as a refugee at the age of six.

(Image: Dr Kaly Jaff)

Despite language and cultural barriers, she showed determination in her education, eventually graduating from the University of Glasgow in 2011. Armed with a bachelor's degree in dental surgery, she began her career in aesthetic medicine.

Dr Jaff initially aligned herself with the established luxury department store Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh. Last year, Dr Jaff migrated back to Glasgow to set up her independent clinic The Secret.

In addition to treating private patients, the centre also houses an aesthetic training academy for medical professionals. Under her leadership, the clinic has garnered accolades such as Aesthetic Clinic of the Year and Skin Therapist of the Year 2024.

The move to venture into podcasting is a long-cherished aspiration of Dr Jaff. The series aims to traverse her inspiring journey from a Kurdish refugee to a successful aesthetic medical practitioner in Glasgow.

Amongst its wide array of topics, the podcast will disclose her experiences in business, family life and motherhood, with a dash of light-hearted dating anecdotes.

Relevant to the familial theme of the podcast series, Dr Jaff is proud of The Secret's family-orientated ethos.

Her brother Dr Shad helms the clinic supported by her twin sister at the skin clinic and their mother managing front-of-house operations.

A fresh episode of the series will air every Thursday. Interested listeners can access the series through Go Radio and its social media platforms.

Dr Jaff said: "I have always loved to talk to people and to hear their stories, and it struck me that perhaps my own journey was one that could inspire and encourage others as well as entertain!

"My family is at the root of everything that I do, and since becoming a mum myself, I do feel deeply passionate about inspiring other people to follow their dreams.

"I have always had an extremely close knit family and circle around me, and since launching The Secret last year, it has struck me how important this has been to my success.

"My parents moved to Scotland with the ultimate goal of providing my siblings and I with a better quality of life. The podcast is a really fun but poignant series that will include stories from my childhood, a spotlight on my siblings and our relationship, male aesthetic secrets and a bit of a business focus on how I've built my empire."

For current information related to the podcast or Dr Jaff, followers are encouraged to visit her Instagram @dr.kalyjaff or her website at www.drkalyjaff.co.uk.