A homeless man has won free food for a year after waiting almost 24 hours outside a restaurant.

Brian Wilson, from Govan, has secured free chicken sandwiches from Popeyes for the next 12 months after camping in the rain on Sauchiehall Street last week.

The 60-year-old has been rough sleeping for just over a year, and relies on soup kitchens and discarded McDonalds instant win finds.

Now he has secured the prize of free meals after being first in line at Popeye's new branch opening last week.

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Gordon TerrisGordon Terris (Image: Gordon Terris)

Brian said: “I was determined to be the first one there so I could get the free sandwiches for a year.

“The weather was terrible because of the rain but I didn't move from my position for almost 24 hours, it was absolutely worth it.

“They gave me a hoodie and t-shirt as well which was good. I am homeless right now so it is all helpful for me.

“Glasgow is a good city for soup kitchens which I rely on usually. I also go into McDonalds and look for McDonalds monopoly peel off wins to keep me going.

“Now I will have three free chicken sandwiches from Popeyes for a year. I enjoy their food.”

Brian is thrilled with the winBrian is thrilled with the win (Image: Gordon Terris)

Brian reached out to the Glasgow Times after reading our story last week which showed customers queued up outside the new Popeyes branch.

He claims he was not asked for an interview or pictured by Popeyes staff at the branch like other customers, despite being at the front of the line.

When we asked Popeyes why Brian was not a part of their coverage, which they shared with us, about the opening they said they picked “the most interesting” quotes.

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Brian spotted at the front the queueBrian spotted at the front the queue (Image: Gordon Terris)

Brain said: "I was first in the queue because I really wanted to make sure I broke the previous 18 hour Popeye’s queue record at Barrhead.

“I knew the first 50 people got a free sandwich but the people at the very front got it for a year, which I was determined to get.

“Popeyes never interviewed me or took my picture but did for the people behind me who also won, I don’t know why.

“I contacted the Glasgow Times because I want people to know I was first and I put the hours in. It was me that set the new record. I was number one.”

A spokesperson for Popeyes UK said: “At Popeyes, the safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance.

“Our pre-opening communications state that our queue officially starts at 9am.

“This is because our restaurant is not staffed overnight, but from 9am we have team members available to monitor the queue and ensure the safety of customers.

“On opening day, quotes and interviews were taken from a number of customers in the queue, including the first four people in the queue.

“We cannot use all of the quotes we take and choose quotes which we feel are the most interesting – on this occasion using two friends who had queued together.”