A WOMAN has hit out after the water level of a local pond has drastically dropped once again – despite money being set aside to fix it two years ago.  

We previously reported that locals say the pond in Knightswood Park has been emptying during the summer months for around the last five years due to what they believe to be a leak, with the water level dropping from up to four feet high to just a few inches.

In 2022, a spokesperson for Glasgow City Council told the Glasgow Times that funding had been allocated to make "significant improvements" to the pond while in 2023 they said they were looking at "natural alternatives" to maintain the pond’s water levels.  

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(Image: Robert Perry)

However, despite this, the water levels of the pond, which is home to a variety of animals including fish, eels, frogs, newts and birds, has dropped significantly this year again.  

Belinda Beattie, who lives in Anniesland, helps look after the park’s swans and says they are in a "sorry state" with the pond reduced to a "muddy puddle".

She says she is unsure if they are in moult and have been unable to fly away as their plumage is so muddy. 

Belinda said: "It’s a case of filling up bowls of water and fresh food, dried corn, that kind of thing."

(Image: Robert Perry)

She continued: "Everyone’s upset because going through Covid they’ve used it [the pond].

"A lot of people we’ve spoken to have come out and started walking round the pond, they’ve met other people, and it’s been good for morale.

"But I know at the moment, a couple of my friends, they don’t want to be near the pond because it’s distressing seeing the animals distressed.

"Swans are beautiful creatures, they preen, they look after themselves, and they’ve got no water to bathe."

A spokesperson for the council said all wildlife will be monitored by the countryside ranger service. 

(Image: Robert Perry)

The pond’s water level started to drop towards the end of April as it has in previous years.

The council has now identified the main leak affecting the pond’s water levels and blocked it off but will also take further investigations to find any other potential issues. 

Belinda, who works in IT, says she is concerned about the lack of information about what is being done to repair the pond.

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(Image: Robert Perry)

She said: "Whoever you talk to they seem to have different information so I don’t know what the true information is.

"But certainly the pond isn’t filling up and there is a hole there at the side and it appears to be letting out water.

"I don’t think we’re getting enough answers because what is the primary issue and what have they done about it?

"And then if there is a secondary issue, what are they doing about that?"

She added: "It’s so miserable looking at it just with a big puddle."

(Image: Robert Perry)

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: "This has unfortunately been a recurring issue and various measures have been implemented to maintain the pond over the past two to three years.

"We believe we have identified the main outlet for water that has been causing this issue and that has now been blocked off.

"Hopefully this will make a difference to water levels in the pond as it captures and retains rainwater over the coming weeks.

"However, we intend to undertake further investigations to ensure all potential issues are resolved and our aim is to create a natural and sustainable environment for the wildlife that inhabits the pond.

"Wildlife and waterfowl at the pond will be monitored by our countryside ranger service and they will take appropriate action to protect its well-being.”"