Herald readers have voiced their concern after it was revealed that Boris Johnson skipped five Cobra meetings on coronavirus as the outbreak began to spread around the world.

It comes after The Sunday Times reported that Boris Johnson missed a number of the emergency meetings in January and February. 

Michael Gove confirmed that Boris Johnson had missed key meetings however insisted the Prime Minister’s leadership had been “inspirational” during the coronavirus crisis.

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Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats demanded to know why Mr Johnson appeared to have been “missing in action” as the pandemic unfolded.

Many voiced their concern that the PM had missed meetings with some calling for Johnson to resign. 

Campbell Johnson wrote: "The statement from the Downing Street spokesman beggars belief, bald-faced lies. This crumb of a PM enjoyed the best care the NHS could give but has had a personal hand in ensuring that NHS staff are sacrificing their lives in some instances through his Government's criminal negligence in failing to adequately equip them. How does he sleep at night? Do the decent thing for once and RESIGN."

Kenny Ross hit out at Johnson's actions saying: "Johnson has a remarkable track record of disappearing when the going gets tough, and throughout this crisis he's excelling at it.

"I've no doubt at all that when/if we get through this, Johnson will remarkably appear again to claim the glory."

Martin Stevenson had a slightly different view writing: "Mistakes have been made by Westminster and Holyrood and they are all unfortunately still building on their mistakes. They all knew this was coming. Were all their much-quoted 'scientific advisers' and 'experts' just ignored in December, January and February?"

Stewart Bremner responded directly saying "The mistake you are making, is believing that Bojo is no more guilty of arrogance and gross negligence than anyone else, wrong he was supposed to be the leading voice not the locker room joker."

Brigit Page suggested that others were to blame commenting: "Why no mention of the fact that this was all the fault of China or the fact that the WHO sat on it until it was too late. Let's just bash Boris despite the fact that he nearly died."

Joyce Malloy added: "The PM has been "at the helm" of a ship of fools, aligning himself with Admiral Trump."

Glasgow Times: The Government have been holding remote meetings using video conferencing The Government have been holding remote meetings using video conferencing

Charlie Maguire added: "Johnson's doing a terrible job. He had plenty of warning about the possible spread of Covid-19 but did little in response. PPE shortages, delays in initiating a lockdown, fiascos in testing, doing nothing about mass gatherings up to mid-March, even though they were being stopped in other countries. Did he nearly die? If so, why should that make a blind bit of difference to evaluations of his leadership in the crucial period before and after this virus took a grip?"

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William Logan said: "It is my understanding that Cobra meetings are not necessarily attended by the PM and they are often headed by the relevant Secretary of State. As an example, a meeting regarding PPE would be headed by the Health Secretary and that's how government works."

J Williamson wrote: "The top line here is, people have died and people are still dying. Many more than should have died because of the incompetence of the UK government. It won't be forgotten."

Courtney Macgregor simply wrote:  "The levels of incompetence he displays, is stratospheric."