A car crashed into a Cambuslang cemetery leaving a family thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Jillian Duffy, 49, was devastated after finding out a vehicle had run over and destroyed her beloved gran and grandad’s headstone.

The appalling incident happened at Westburn Cemetery on Friday May, 12 sparking a police investigation.

Glasgow Times: Jillian and her family were devastated by the crashJillian and her family were devastated by the crash (Image: Colin Templeton)

Jillian and her father, James Welsh, 75, and aunt Anne McShane, 72, were then horrified to discover the aftermath.

The grave belongs to Francis Welsh, who died at age 72, and Roseanne Welsh, who died at age 76.

Now their family has been forced to either fork out around £4k to repair the headstone or leave it unmarked, despite years of maintenance and care.

They are calling for the police to up their investigations and pleading with South Lanarkshire Council to add more CCTV to the cemetery, which is open 24 hours.

Glasgow Times: Several graves were damaged in the crashSeveral graves were damaged in the crash (Image: Colin Templeton)

Jillian told the Glasgow Times: “We were absolutely devastated and shocked when we saw it.

“We have all taken care of it for years and visit it often, it is a really nice place for us and now it has been completely smashed.

“The council didn’t tell us anything about it being damaged, we contacted them about it for help but they said it is our lair so we are on our own.

“It could cost us up to £4k to replace it, which is a lot of money, especially right now.

“It's so unfair, we really just can’t believe someone would run over the grave and crash into the headstone.”

Glasgow Times: A car was spotted at the cemeteryA car was spotted at the cemetery (Image: Sourced)

Anne told the Glasgow Times: “I was in tears when I found out. I couldn't believe someone had driven over my mother and fathers grave. It is such an awful thought.

“They have destroyed the grave. I could even see tire marks, who could do this and not come forward to apologise.

“I want the person caught and to take responsibility, I think it could give me some closure.

“We need to try and replace the headstone now which will be a lot of money, the whole thing is very hurtful.

“The council won’t help or even consider putting CCTV at the entrance of the cemetery, does this mean people need to consider taking insurance out on graves? It isn’t right.”

Glasgow Times: The headstone has been brokenThe headstone has been broken (Image: Colin Templeton)

James told the Glasgow Times: “It is really terrible, the headstone has been smashed to smithereens which is just an absolute disgrace.

“The cemetery really should be shut at night and they need to have cameras at the gates to stop this from happening to anyone else.”

South Lanarkshire Council told the Glasgow Times they have not installed camera equipment including CCTV at any cemeteries to allow visitors to grieve in private.

Glasgow Times: Jillian wants answersJillian wants answers (Image: Colin Templeton)

They also claimed due to a lack of up to date contact details some lair owners were not notified of the incident.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “On Friday, 12 May, 2023, police received a report of a vehicle having crashed into headstones at Westburn Cemetery on Old Mill Road in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

“An investigation was carried out, but no arrests have been made. At this time, the inquiry is complete, however, should any further information be provided, then that will be thoroughly investigated.”