A WEST End charity shop known for its designer bargains is embracing Barbiemania this week ahead of the hotly anticipated movie opening in Glasgow on Friday.

The Dumbarton Road branch of the British Red Cross put together its very own red carpet event to rival last week’s Leicester Square premiere with manager Alison Shields dressed in a plethora of pink stock from the store.

Glasgow Times: Alison Shields embraces BarbiemaniaAlison Shields embraces Barbiemania (Image: Newsquest)

A pink-framed window also highlights some designer looks Barbie and Ken (played on-screen by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling) would be proud to wear.

The Barbie movie has whipped up a storm of interest around the world, with businesses getting in on the act.

Glasgow Times: Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and KenMargot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken

Google search screens turn pink when ‘Barbie’ is typed in, for example, and Burger King in Brazil have released a special burger with hot pink sauce for the occasion.

Greta Gerwig's upcoming film required so much bright pink paint for the production, apparently, it wiped out an entire company's global supply.

The live-action movie is based on the popular American doll, which was created in 1959, and it also stars Two Doors Down actor Sharon Rooney, who is from Glasgow, as Lawyer Barbie.

Glasgow Times: The cast includes Glasgow actor Sharon Rooney, second from leftThe cast includes Glasgow actor Sharon Rooney, second from left (Image: Warner Bros Pictures)

Designer items feature regularly in the ever-changing shop window and on its Facebook page, thanks to a link-up with several high street chains and the generosity of regular clients.

The store has a community hub, explains Alison, attracting everyone from social media influencers to pensioners and the resident student population, and providing befriending and food parcel services.

She added: “We’ve had a lot of fun setting up for our Barbie-themed event this week, and I thank all my staff, volunteers and customers who make us want to work so hard every day.

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“We are a community first and foremost and are incredibly blessed to be able to rely on the support of those we live and work amongst.

“We count many a Glasgow character as part of our clientele who regularly rub shoulders with student volunteers from countries across the world, and who, in working here, get to practise their English.”

She said, with a laugh: “Although sometimes the speed of the accent brings many a puzzled look.”

Glasgow Times: The Barbie-fied window on Dumbarton RoadThe Barbie-fied window on Dumbarton Road (Image: Newsquest)

Alison added: “There is a sense of freedom in being able to change our window display every day, or react to local events, or, in this case, showcase how our sustainable values can rival even Hollywood glamour.

“The cherry on the cake is knowing that the money we make is improving the lives of people in war torn countries such as Ukraine, earthquake zones in Turkey or in any of countries around the world where the British Red Cross delivers humanitarian aid.”