A terrified mum-of-three told today how her home is being haunted by a violent ghost called Jack The Ripper - who burns bibles and attacks her as she sleeps. 

Gaynor Issitt, 58, claims she is forced to share her property with a number of evil spirits who have been plaguing her property for as long as she can remember. 

She says she experiences seasonal bouts of supernatural behaviour - mainly during September - which include her being punched and fires starting inexplicably around her house. 

One time she was even dragged from her bed by her ankles by a poltergeist and has been pushed down the stairs, forcing her to call in two exorcists. 

She claims to have recorded evidence of sinister voices saying they are going to murder someone and paranormal investigators claim her house is in the top five most haunted in Britain. 

Gaynor says apparition in particular - called Jack - is causing a lot of mischief and has been known to start fires, burning the heads off family photographs as well as furniture. 

But despite all the spooky activities going on at her semi-detached property in Braunstone, Leicester., she has vowed to stay put at her home of 36 years. 

Yesterday (Tue) unemployed Gaynor said: "There's Jack. He's the worst. He's not a good spirit and its been getting worse recently too. 

"He has started fires so I have to keep buckets of water around the house. He physically attacks me, and I have been left bruised in the past. 

"I have had no end of paranormal investigators in and they have heard a child's voice calling our for Jack and also singing. 

"We've also heard growling noises and my partner has seen apparitions of a man, woman and a little girl around the house. 

"We have never spoken directly, but we've recorded them and they swear and say they're going to murder someone. 

"It's on tape. We've also heard growling noises. 

"They move objects as well. When that happens you know it's going to get worse because they start off slowly, like moving things, and then build up. 

"They start fires, they hit me and my partner. That is the worst when they actually physically strike you." 

Gaynor said the spooks appear to be angered by religion and have also been known to set fire to crucifixes, Bibles and hymn books. 

Members of a documentary crew which visited recently were punched while other investigators have apparently captured a portal into another dimension in her kitchen floor. 

She added: "There were three Muslim people in the last crew that came 

"I think it was the sound man, the camera man and producer and the spirits hit them all. 

"I think it's because they were very religious. 

"Other investigators caught portals in my kitchen floor and they've told me it has to be one Britain's most haunted houses and certainly in the top five. 

"One cameraman was very sceptical but came out white as a sheet because while we were sitting in the back bedroom the bed went down like someone had sat on it 

"Some people probably won't believe me but I'd say come and try living here and you might soon change your mind." 

Gaynor has lived with her partner Andrew Belton, 43, at the house for 12 years but he is now in a care home due to an accident which has left him paralysed. 

Now she is forced to endure the evil spirits on her own - because her three children have since grown up and left. 

She has lived in the property - which was built on the site on an old farm house - since 1980 and says the man who lived there before her also experienced ghostly goings-on. 

She added: "Its been happening for as long as I remember and also to the gentleman who lived here before me. 

"You get used to it really. I don't mind them. 

"It can be a bit scary but once you've lived with them for so long, you just get on with things. You have to, this is my family home and I won't be driven out of it." 

This Saturday (10/9), another paranormal investigator Mark Vernon will visit Gaynor and look into her claims. 

He said: "Gaynor was making remarkable claims about what was happening in her house. 

"I befriended her on Facebook and asked to visit her house but also warning her that if I discovered any fakery or fraud, then I would expose her. 

"She agreed. She sent me a few pictures of attacks on her partner and the damage to the house. 

"It was starting fires in her house and, remarkable as it sounds, it was burning the heads off family members in photographs she had around the house."