FUNDING of more than £87,000 has been awarded to a Glasgow pantry to tackle food poverty and financial hardship within the local community.

The North West Community Pantry, which will be run by Dumbarton Road Corridor’s youth project, has been awarded £87,367 from the town centre fund.

It means the sixth and final shop at 2344 Dumbarton Road will be transformed into a thrifty store serving the residents of Yoker.

Part of the money will be used to create a pop-up shop at Summerston which will operate once a week.

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Councillor Michael Cullen said: “We have been following the Scottish Pantry Network model and there is a massive deficit down our neck of the woods.

“The old butchers shop where we are based didn’t have proper racking, so we were limited to what we could provide to our customers.

“With this money we are going to transform the butchers in Yoker so that it looks like a proper shop. It doesn’t matter where you stay or where you come from – it will be open to everyone.”

The pop-up shop which is also part of the North West Pantry will be based at the Acre Community Hall and operate once a week.

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Mr Cullen added: “We are not just using the money for one pantry in Yoker, we are also using it for a pop-up location in Summerston.

“People need affordable food, particularly at this time with people being put back on furlough. There are a lot of people in need and who will benefit from this project.

“This is about providing affordable food. Some families are one big bill away from collapse. Some people who are only on 80 % of their wage are at a point of crisis.

“So, to get £15 worth of food for £2.50 could help prevent poverty. Because they are spending money it takes away the shame factor.

"This is for everyone to benefit from.”