Energy suppliers are giving out free credit worth up to £250 to help customers with the cost of living crisis.

Five suppliers across the UK are supporting millions of eligible households by providing hundreds of pounds worth of free credit this winter.

Energy companies such as British Gas, Shell Energy and OVO are offering the extra support to customers.

However, many of the companies offering the help are identifying the customers who most need help, so you may not be eligible.

These are the companies offering extra support this winter.

British Gas - £250

British Gas is identifying thousands of customers who are on a prepayment meter and could be eligible for up to £250 in free credit.

Anyone eligible will see the credit added to their prepayment meters over the next month.

Utilita - £150

Support for some customers from Utilita is being split into two £75 payments, with the first being sent to customers in December.

The supplier confirmed to The Sun that the second payment would be issued to customers by the end of the month.

If you pay by direct debit the full £150 will be applied to your account by the end of January, while those on traditional prepayment meters will be emailed their second £75 voucher.

Shell Energy – £150

Anyone with Shell Energy who also received the Warm Home Discount will see a further boost of £150.

The money will be added to your energy account automatically.

EDF - £100

Eligible customers who have signed an electric car leasing contract with EDF will receive £100 in free credit.

In order to get this credit they must make a request online using a claim form, and it must be filled out no later than three months from signing their personal hire contract.

OVO – Up to £15

Temporary credit is available from OVO, and the supplier has increased the amount available from £5 to £15.

The company revealed that £300,000 of temporary credit has been issued each week since the scheme began.

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