Piers Morgan and Dominic Cummings have clashed in a public Twitter spat over the government's Good Morning Britain boycott at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boris Johnson’s former advisor admitted he “banned” politicians from appearing in the ITV breakfast show because they had “better things to do”.


The boycott ended when former Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on the show in November however Boris Johnson has not made an appearance on the show for more than four years.

Piers Morgan slams Dominc Cummings in public spat

Piers Morgan branded the former government strategist “gutless and pathetic” in reaction to a video clip in which Cummings described the Prime Minister as “a joke” when asked for his thoughts on the government’s handling of the Covid pandemic.

The former GMB presenter tweeted: “REMINDER: it was Cummings (and his Muttley, Lee Cain) who ordered the 8-month ban on ministers appearing on @GMB because we were holding them to ferocious account for all the deadly mistakes they were making last year in the pandemic.”

In response, Cummings hit back: “I banned them cos we all had better things to do, like control the fkd [shopping cart], than waste our time on a vain tool shouting angry soundbites and calling it ‘news’.”

The response hit a nerve with the 56-year-old former newspaper editor who hit back: “a) I don’t think you’re in any position to throw around the ‘vain tool’ slur…”

Referring to Cummings’ 260-mile drive to to his parent’s farm during lockdown her added: “B) Good to see you finally admit you stopped me holding ministers to proper account for their failures that cost 1000s of lives. Gutless & pathetic, like your lies over Barnard Castle.”

In response Cummings replied: “Do us all a favour and spend your time s****ing gossip columnists instead of TV news, at least you're an expert in that (clown emoji)”

Piers Morgan has yet to respond.

ITV viewers react to Piers Morgan and Dominic Cummings spat

Viewers have responded to the public spat with one social media user saying: “Love a good Twitter fight. Dom vs Piers is a heavyweight championship of the world bout.”

Another joked: “This is the content we come to Twitter for.”