Kate Garraway has shared a devastating update on her husband’s battle with Covid-19.

The Good Morning Britain presenter said Derek Draper is in a “terrible state” when appearing on the final episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on ITV.

It was Piers’ last appearance hosting the show after 12 years, with Kate set to take over for the new series.

Derek Draper, 53, fell ill in March 2020 after contracting coronavirus and required a long recovery in intensive care, during which he was placed in a coma.

After more than a year in hospital, he was considered well enough to return to his North London home in April.

The TV presenter and journalist has been open about how her family has coped since her husband’s diagnosis.

Kate Garraway issues ‘terrible’ update on husband’s Covid battle

Speaking on Sunday night’s show, Kate described how coronavirus had ‘devastated’ her husband.

She described how the illness had affected her husband “from the top of his head to the tip of his toe”.

She continued: "His digestive system, his liver, his kidneys, his heart, his nervous system. We're pretty sure that the inflammation did pass through the brain.

"He still can't communicate; he still has issues with mobility.

"Fundamentally, he's in a terrible state. Look, he's alive."

Garraway also revealed how her husband’s carers burst into tears after he managed the words “hello” and “thank you” in a phone conversation with Morgan ahead of the emotional episode.

"It's moments like that that make you realise that he is in there," she said.

"And we've had others - he will turn to me and say, 'I love you.'

"He's fought so hard to stay in this world and I'm not giving up on him ever. He will have moments of clarity and it's like he disappears again."

Garraway, who shares two children with her husband described how the ordeal had left her feeling like she had walked "through a fiery furnace or fell down a rabbit hole".

She added: "The world went dark and still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, really."