Keir Starmer credits Ant and Dec on I'm a Celeb for Boris Johnson slam on PMQs

By Martha Wilson

SEO Journalist

Keir Starmer credits Ant and Dec on I'm a Celeb for Boris Johnson slam on PMQs

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Keir Starmer made reference to last night's I'm A Celebrity episode during Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions.

The Labour leader challenged Boris Johnson on the leaked video that came out on Tuesday December 7, showing staff joking about a Christmas party that allegedly took place whilst the UK was in tough Covid restrictions.

In his first question, Mr Starmer asked the Prime Minister if he was taking the public for fools and reference Ant and Dec's opening skit on Tuesday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity.

Mr Johnson replied: "I apologise for the impression that staff in Downing Street take things less than seriously. I am sickened myself by that.

"But I repeat that there will be consequences for those involved if those rules were broken."

The Labour leader came back that the "situation was clear as day". He called on Johnson to stop "pretending" that the first he knew of the situation was last night.

"Ant and Dec are ahead of the Prime Minister on this," said Mr Starmer, "why doesn't he admit it?"

Johnson said: "I understand public indignation, but there is a great risk of doing an injustice to people who were obeying the rules.

"There will be the requisite disciplinary action if necessary."

During Tuesday evening's episode of I'm A Celebrity, live from Gwrych Castle in North Wales, Dec opened their skit with: "It is all change in camp now though because yesterday the celebs chose a new leader by the gift of a secret vote.

Ant replied: "And that means David's reign is over.

"But they weren't celebrating, they didn’t have a party.

"They categorically deny any suggestions they had a party.

"And this fictional party definitely didn't involve cheese and wine or a secret Santa."

"Evening Prime Minister!" Dec said, "For now..."