Nationwide banking customers have reported issues with transferring money, delayed payments and deposits.

Reports first began to rise on Down Detector, a service for reporting website outages, around 12.52am on December 31.

The most affected areas appear to be London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and parts of Glasgow.

Dublin is also affected by the Nationwide outage.

Over 750 customers appear to be affected by the Nationwide outage, as of 7am, with 54% of reports linked to deposits and 22% linked to issues with fund transfers.

Meanwhile 24% of customers have reported issues with their Nationwide account balances via Down Detector.

Nationwide bank transfer issues

Nationwide Building Society has confirmed issues with "a delay affecting some incoming payments" via the bank's official social media account.

In response to one customer who did not get usual payment deposits in their account, Nationwide said: "Sorry, there's currently a delay affecting some incoming payments. Your payment will be processed and you don't need to do anything."

It appears some Nationwide bank customers began reporting issues via Down Detector as early as 12.07am this morning.

One customer told Nationwide: "because of this delay I can't go to work because I don't have any money for the bus and train, who's going to be responsible for that and how do I get compensation for it?"

Another customer told Down Detector: "Delayed Payments, now i have no choice but to cancel everything that i was meant to do today, i can not pay bills, replace cooker, buy food shopping because of this, so thanks nationwide for screwing me and many other people over."

Meanwhile one user said: "Sort it out Nationwide, we’ve all got bills to pay."

When will the Nationwide issues be fixed?

Down Detector currently shows the number of reported issues is dropping - down from 866 reports at its peak to 124, as of 8.29am.

Replies from Nationwide bank's official Twitter account suggest anyone affected by delays to incoming payments will see their money "processed shortly".

Nationwide described the banking issues as a "short delay".

Nationwide replied to one customer: "We`re sorry there's a short delay affecting some incoming payments this morning. Your payment will be processed shortly, you don't need to do anything."

Some customers have reported receiving their tax credit payments via Down Detector - suggesting Nationwide issues may be fixed soon.

One said: "My tax credits have just cleared."

Another added: "Mine has been paid."