Kate Garraway has been nominated for Network Presenter of the Year for the Royal Television Society (RTS) Awards 2022.

The news was revealed at the start of Good Morning Britain today (Friday, January 28), with co-presenter Ben Shepherd saying he was "absolutely thrilled to bits" for her.

Intially responding to this news Garraway joked that she felt like "such a fraud".

"Please don't use this nomination as an opportunity to judge quality of me," she said.

Shepherd and Garraway went on to joke that the nomination was like a participation award for being on the show for so long.

Garraway added that it was like the RTS saying "'Well done for turning up and not getting fired so far for 20 years.'"

She went on to say: "It's a huge honour and I'm absolutely thrilled. It's a nomination and there are some great people in the category."

Who else was nominated on the Good Morning Britain team?

Alongside this Good Morning Britain's North America Correspondent Noel Phillips was also nominated by the RTS for the Young Talent of the Year award.

Garraway praised Phillips, saying: "He's not been on the team very long, he's taken on a big job as a correspondent and he's delivered superbly, and we're all really proud of him.

"It's great that the Royal Television Society has noticed how fantastic he is doing, as he's a massive massive asset to the show."