We all think we have a killer music taste but we might be a little bit biased so we'll leave it to Pudding.cool to be the judge.

Spotify fans will know that their playlists already say a lot about themselves - they create colour palettes, pie charts and even icebergs based on their listening habits. 

But sometimes you just need an AI-bot to shame you good and deliver some uncomfortably close-to-home truths.

If you can't wait for your streaming tastes to be savagely exposed at the end of the year in Spotify Wrapped, here's how you can see your hilarious results now.

What is 'How Bad is Your Spotify?'

The “AI Robot“ was created by digital publication The Pudding, not by Spotify itself.

According to its website, it judges "your awful taste in music.”

Under its “How do you know what’s good”, the website explains: “I’ve been trained on a corpus of over two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits you’ve never heard of."

Judge My Spotify: How to use Pudding.cool's Spotify and Apple Music AI feature

In order to play the 'How Bad Is My Spotify?' quiz, you need to visit the Pudding.cool website. 

You then need to either login with your Spotify or Apple Music account so that the A.I. bot can access your data and give your judgement.

Once you are all logged in and loaded, the bot will let you have it - at least it's all in good fun...right?

It will fire some quick zinger questions at you like “lol… omg… okay hold up… Do you really listen to [artist name]…?”

Put your ego aside because when you click yes, it proceeds to check: “Like ironically?”

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As part of your results, it will tell you what kind of 'bad' you are, ranging from 'tay-tay-fangirl bad' to 'ageing-boy-bander bad' and everything in between.

The bot will tell what it learned from your "hellscape" including which tracks you listen to “too much”, which artists you obsess over “to an uncomfortable extent” and what percent “basic” your music tastes are.

It will also expose what era you are stuck in based on all the tracks you listen to so prepare to feel seen!

If you are brave enough, you can try it out for yourself by visiting the Pudding.cool website.