Our Spotify playlists reveal a lot about ourselves but how obscure (or basic) is your music taste?

Music fans know that their playlists already expose a lot- they can create colour palettespie charts and even icebergs based on their listening habits. 

Now, you can see how obscure or basic your music tastes really are by comparing your stats with the rest of the country with Obscurify.

If you can't wait for your streaming tastes to be revealed at the end of the year in Spotify Wrapped, here's everything you need to know and how to view your results.

What is Obscurify?

Obscurify is a platform developed by Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel with the aim of helping you "better understand your own music taste."

Using Spotify's Web API, it analyses listening history to give you your top genres as well as recommend some songs you might enjoy.

It then makes playlists of tunes from your track lists and puts them in your Spotify library.

This includes a historical snapshot which you can find when you log in to your Obscurify profile.

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Obscurify gives you an overall rating - the higher the percentage, the more obscure your tastes are.

You'll also find an analysis of playlist mood, ranking your listening habits on how happy, energetic and danceable your favourite tunes are.

If that's not enough, you can view your tastes broken down by decade and your top tracks from each era.

It couldn't be easier to share your results either, all you need to do is turn on sharing in the menu and send your unique generated link to your friends and followers.

Users have been taking to social media to share their results and their reactions couldn't be better.

One person wrote:" But I have to make sure my obscurify rating stays at 99% or else I’m not a real hipster."

Another user added: "If there's one thing that encapsulates me as a person, I definitely think it's my Obscurify rating."

A third wrote: "not that i’m better than everyone but my obscurify is at 98% so take that as you will."

Play for yourself via the Obscurify website.