TikTok users have been issued a warning over a viral car modification trend that could lead to a £100 fine and three points on your driving licence. 

DIY car modifications have taken the social media app by storm including everything from window tints to alloy wheels with alterations ranging from harmless to illegal. 

One of these viral trends has accumulated over 6 million likes and over 200,000 shares but could actually risk a hefty fine, licence points and maybe even a court appearance.

The trend involves the tinting of car windows with maple syrup and charcoal toothpaste which can be dangerous and even harmful to your car.

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MoneySuperMarket has analysed the total number of car modification insurance enquiries in 2021.

Here are the car modifications that are most likely to invalidate car finance PCP and HP agreements and what other consequences you could be risking.

Drivers issued warning over TikTok car trend that could lead to £100 fine

Window tints

Risk: £50-100 fine, 3 penalty points or court

MoneySuperMarket has reported that 7% of all car modification enquiries to were about window tinting.

Tinting your windows more than is legally allowed can result in a £50 to £100 fine, three penalty points or even being reported to the court.

The front windscreen needs to be 75% tint-free and the side windows 70% tint-free. 

Loud exhausts 

Risk: Fine or court

The comparison website also recorded over 8% of car insurance enquiries were for exhaust system changes.

Exhaust systems cannot go over the noise limit of 74 decibels and any violations can result in a fine or reported to the court.

It also can make the vehicle more damaging to the environment too. 


Risk: Police intervention

Spoilers aren’t necessarily illegal and they are popular among drivers.

4% of MoneySuperMarket’s car modification enquiries are about adding a spoiler.

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You should be warned though that if they are not installed correctly, it can get you into trouble.

The spoiler needs to be fastened safely or the police could have the power to remove the unsafe spoiler.

Nitrous oxide 

Risk: £1,000-£2,500 fine

Using Nitrous Oxide to boost your motor speed in a gasoline engine is extremely illegal and dangerous.

It can increase cylinder pressure and if they are exposed to enough heat, it could see the nitrous expand within and shatter the cylinders.

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Making changes to the engine in an attempt to improve performance could result in safety implications landing you a hefty fine.

The potential penalties are £1,000 for a car and £2,500 for a van, lorry or bus.