TikTok is overrun with viral make up hacks but the latest Vaseline and eyelash curler trend has caused some concern. 

The social media platform is where countless make-up myths are busted and beloved brands are discovered, and shared until they rapidly sell out. 

'Get Ready With Me' videos dominate the space with users flocking to the videos for inspiration and tips they can adopt for their own routines.

One of the latest trends involves the use of Vaseline and an eyelash curler has been described as 'revolutionary' but does it really work and more importantly, is it safe?

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Is the latest TikTok Vaseline hack safe?

The trend involves using eyelash curlers to apply vaseline to their eyelashes.

It acts as a replacement for mascara and many users claim that it makes their eyelash curl last all day.

TikTokers have been warned to be 'incredibly cautious' over the trend since it could lead to eye problems if applied incorrectly

Saffron Hughes, a resident Make Up Artist at FalseEyelashes.co.uk advises: “As with any product, makeup wearers must be incredibly cautious with getting a lot of Vaseline in the eye.

"Eyelashes are frames to stop bacteria getting onto the surface of our eyes and getting a product in there that isn’t fit for purpose could irritate them and cause a reaction.

"If you do try this out, wash your eyes thoroughly with clean water to ensure no residue is left behind.”  

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Does adding Vaseline to your eyelash curler help your lashes stay?

If you are wanting to try the trend out for yourself - you might be wondering if it works and if is it really worth it.

When asked if the eyelash hack was likely to work, Saffron said, “My immediate reaction is that this wouldn’t work.

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"Vaseline acts as a lubricant and therefore won’t have the staying power we’re after. Although claims say otherwise, I can’t see this working for more than 5 minutes.

"To get the best results from curling your lashes, it’s best to opt for a quality curler followed by a waterproof mascara.”