Nicola Sturgeon is set to resign as First Minister of Scotland, according to reports from the BBC.

The Scottish National Party leader will give a press conference at her official residence Bute House in Edinburgh at 11am.

BBC chief political correspondent Nick Eardley reported a source close to First Minister said: “She’s had enough.”

Sturgeon has been the party leader since 2014 when she took over from Alex Salmond.


Glasgow Times: Nicola Sturgeon to resign as Scotland's First MinisterNicola Sturgeon to resign as Scotland's First Minister (Image: PA)

How to watch Nicola Sturgeon's press conference?

Sturgeon will speak from her residence at Bute House at 11am this morning.

The press conference will be covered and broadcast by major news outlets, including the BBC and Sky News.

Sky News will broadcast the press conference live here.

Ms Sturgeon will leave office as the longest-serving and first female First Minister since the creation of the Scottish Parliament, a time which saw her lead the SNP to repeated election victories at the UK, Scottish and local levels.

The First Minister, however, has been mired in controversy in recent months as her Government sought to push through gender reforms, only for them to be blocked by the UK Government.

And recent weeks have seen her forced to deal with the housing of transgender prisoners in women’s facilities.

Rising to power unopposed after the ill-fated independence referendum in 2014, Nicola Sturgeon took over from Alex Salmond, the mentor with whom she would come into conflict in the years to come over the handling of sexual harassment allegations made against him.

Her party will meet next month to discuss the holding treating the next UK election as a “de facto referendum”, with more than 50% of the vote being considered a mandate to begin negotiations for Scotland to become an independent country.