A culinary expert has warned TikTok users over the latest trend cooking up a storm on the video app. 

Fans of the social media platform will know that the app is no stranger to fads and life hacks whether it's a bit of DIY or a new recipe to try.

One of the latest clips that is sending TikTok users wild is a tip to help them be a bit more inventive in the kitchen and reduce their food waste at the same time. 

The popular video explains to users how they can regrow spring onions from leftover roots so that they can yield even more of this salad essential. 

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The original clip, shared by TikToker @i.cathie, has amassed over 1.4 million likes, 37.5 thousand shares and a staggering 12.9 million views at the time of writing.

The viral video showcases how spring onion roots can regrow into full shoots and be ready to be harvested and cooked up again - in just one week!

HelloFresh warns TikTok users over Spring Onion growing hack

However, culinary experts from meal box delivery company HelloFresh have shared important safety warnings for those looking to try the hack at home.

HelloFresh’s Senior Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley explained:"It's fantastic to see TikTok users sharing inventive ways to make the most of their food waste and this spring onion regrowing hack is a great tip! 

“One thing this video doesn't show though is that you have to change your water daily. It's essential to replace it with clean water every day to prevent the growth of any harmful bacteria.

"Not only is this safer, but this means the water contains the right nutrients for the spring onion which helps with growth and stops them from producing that unappetising, slimy texture.

“I’d also recommend cutting down even further towards the root before replanting. This is arguably the strongest and tastiest bit of the plant which you’ll want to include in your cooking!”