Love Island fans were left on the edge of their seats in tonight's episode when a 'love triangle' formed between Tyrique Hyde, Ella Thomas and Jess Harding, forcing a decision to be made.

This comes as bombshell arrival Zachariah from London left the villa rattled when he chose to couple up with Catherine, leaving Andre single.

In tonight's episode, Zach and Catherine went on their first date after he received a text from the showrunners reading: "Zachariah, It’s now time to date Catherine up on the terrace. #SweetBeginnings."

The Love Island couple then enjoyed a romantic fruit and chocolate platter up on the terrace as they opened a bottle of bubbles.

Love Island's Tyrique says he's 'not closed off' as he flirts with Jess

In the middle of the show, Tyrique Hyde hinted at leaving Glasgow-born contestant Ella in favour of exploring relationships with others.

Speaking with Jess over at the day beds, he was asked how things where going with Ella.

He said: "Obviously, it’s going well but I’m not closed off, I’ve said that from the jump to everyone" before telling Jess: "You looked sexy this morning.” 

Jess laughed before saying: “Do you say that to every girl?”

Tyrique replied, saying: “I’m honest! I say how I feel” before going on to add: “You’re a good kisser.”

Tyrique divided between Jess and Ella Thomas as Love Island fans left on cliff hanger

At the end of the show, Tyrique was forced to make a decision on whether to stick with Ella Thomas or go with Jess.

Upon making his decision, he told Jess that he saw them more as "friends", deciding to stick to with Ella.

Informing Ella of the news, the two shared a kiss to seal their relationship on the show.

Who are the current Love Island couples after Zachariah Noble couples up with Catherine?

Here are the couples as things currently stand in the ITV show:

  • Ruchee and Medhi
  • Molly and Mitchel
  • Jess and George
  • Ella and Tyrique
  • Catherine and Zachariah

Love Island will continue on Thursday (June 8) from 9 pm on ITV2 and ITVX.