New TikTok quiz alert! Here's how you can test your rage with the Multidimensional Anger Test that is going viral on the platform.

The latest trend to take the platform by storm can reportedly “map your experience of anger along multiple empirical dimensions".

The video-sharing platform is no stranger to a personality test or silly trend or two and now there's a new quiz for users to obsess over. 

From the Human Feeling quiz to the Little Miss quiz, TikTokers have embraced a fair few of them.

Here's everything you need to know about the Multidimensional Anger Test and how you can play it for yourself. 

How does the Multidimensional Anger Test work?

The test can be taken on IDR Labs website and draws on the work of Dr. Judith M. Siegel.

The 38-question quiz apparently tests your susceptibility to anger by asking you to mark how much you agree or disagree with a statement. 

The IDR Labs website said: "Analyses of Siegel's work have found the test to have good psychometric properties in the form of high validity and test-retest reliability.

"Consequently, the test is frequently used for research purposes and in clinical settings, where it has been shown to be relevant, not just to a person's anger, but to their physical health and stress responses as well".

That being said, the quiz does include the following disclaimer: "The results of our online multidimensional anger test are provided ‘as-is’, and should not be construed as providing professional or certified advice of any kind."

The quiz questions range from 'Something makes me angry almost every day' to 'I try to get even when I'm angry with someone'.

You need to indicate whether you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the statements to play the quiz.

Once all the questions have been answered, the quiz generates your results in a graph form.

Different aspects of anger are measured in the test including 'Hostile outlook', 'External anger', Anger spectrum, 'Anger arousal' and 'Internal anger'.

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What do the different anger aspects mean?

Anger arousal

Anger arousal refers to "the frequency, magnitude and duration of a person’s angry responses," according to the quiz.

Those who score highly on anger arousal are reportedly quick to escalate from their normal state to the state of anger.

The quiz adds: "Their anger usually has an affective charge, and they may experience their own anger and the bodily sensations that accompany it as overwhelming".

Anger Spectrum 

The second facet - Anger spectrum "refers to the scope and breadth of situations that are likely to trigger an angry response in the person".

If you scored highly on this section, you are apparently capable of letting your frustration turn into anger when faced with a wide range of situations.

The quiz explained: "This range only indicates the variety of situations that are likely to make the person angry, and not the intensity or magnitude of that person’s anger (that is denoted by Anger Arousal)".

Hostile Outlook

Those who score high on Hostile Outlook reportedly see "the world in a cynical, suspicious and mistrustful way".

According to the quiz, people that score highly on this dimension experience "a wide range of anger cognitions, but not necessarily anger emotions".

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External anger

This aspect measures an individual's tendency to take their anger out on their surroundings.

The quiz also explained that "because this type of anger is so evident to others, people who score high on external anger are usually known for their temper.

"Their propensity to vent their anger externally may cause others to submit to or accommodate them, but on the other hand, it may also cause people to withdraw from them and keep them at a distance".

Internal anger

Finally, there is the Internal anger facet which "denotes a person's tendency to keep their anger on the inside without making their surroundings aware of that anger".

Those who score highly here tend to feel guilt over expressing their anger.

However, the quiz adds that they may also blame themselves for failing to express they are angry at the same time.

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It explains: "As a consequence, they often have trouble enforcing reasonable boundaries in their relations with others".

Total score

The graph also gives you a total score which is based on the population average so you can see how compare to other users.

The higher your total score, the higher your susceptibility to anger is.

The quiz says that the higher the total score, the 'greater' the problems with anger.