As Christmas approaches, so do the special festive-themed alcoholic beverages.

Whilst many prefer to stick to the traditional mulled wine or a glass of bubbly over Christmas, recent years have seen a new tradition appear.

As more and more supermarket chains create festive-themed gin, taking inspiration from the season's tastes and smells and designs.

Such as budget budget-friendly brand Aldi, known for creating ‘dupes’ of branded products, the supermarket chain has created a line of affordable festive-themed gins and I got to try some.

Much like many other Brits, I enjoy a glass or two of gin and thought it would be interesting to try a new spin on the popular spirit.

Whilst I typically prefer a Dry or rhubarb and ginger-flavoured gin, I was excited to see what Aldi had in store.

Of course, you can’t attempt gin tasting on your own, so I got my nearest and dearest gin fans together to see what others had to say about Aldi’s new gin range.

Before I head into this review, I thought a little explanation of how each gin was rated would be worth mentioning.

We tried the gin on its own and then with a planned non-flavoured tonic, whilst considering design, taste and as it’s Christmas, whether you would give it to someone as a present.

Plus, in the spirit of Christmas, I’ve been extra helpful and even got the overall average based on the five gin ‘experts’ I got together to taste Aldi’s new gin range.

I tried Aldi’s new gin- Here’s what’s worth buying

Glasgow Times: Haysmith's Sloe Gin.Haysmith's Sloe Gin. (Image: Newsquest)

I was lucky enough to try three of Aldi’s new gin flavours: Haysmith’s Cranberry and Clementine Gin, Haysmith's Sloe Gin and Infusionist Pomegranate and Cranberry Gold Flake Gin Liqueur.

Starting with the Sloe Gin, I will first admit that Sloe has never been my favourite flavour as I’ve always found the taste to be bitter and in some cases sour.

However, I wanted to go into this tasting with an open mind so tried my best to leave previous encounters with Sloe Gin behind.

On first taste, Aldi’s own Sole Gin was very warming on its own, with one member of my ‘gin team’ describing it as the “perfect spirit to warm up the bones”.

Adding it with some tonic, it became refreshing, and less strong but still kicked a punch and kept the strong yet sweet flavours.

I preferred Aldi’s Sole Gin with a dash of tonic, but I was overruled by the majority of the gin team liked it on its own and enjoyed the blackcurrant taste.

Moving on to the design of the bottle, it has a simple yet striking look, with berry vines all over and the gins' dark purple colour making it striking amongst any home bar shelf.

The Gin Team score: 28.5/50

Glasgow Times: Haysmith’s Cranberry and Clementine Gin.Haysmith’s Cranberry and Clementine Gin. (Image: Newsquest)

Next onto Aldi’s Haysmith’s Cranberry and Clementine Gin, perfect for those who love the tangy and sweet taste of Clementine, this gin has it all.

One member of the gin team said they thought it “smells like Christmas” adding that it had "more a taste” than the Sloe Gin.

On its own, I wasn’t a big fan of the clementine taste and thought the cranberry could have been stronger.

Mixing it with tonic, the Cranberry and Clementine was still very prominent and somehow transformed from a Christmas feel to a more refreshing summer taste, helping it become the perfect all-year-round gin.

With a cork stopper, Aldi knocked the design out of the part with this gin, as the gin team said it “looked posh” and one added they would happily receive the bottle as a present.

The Gin Team score: 37/50

Glasgow Times: Infusionist Pomegranate and Cranberry Gold Flake Gin Liqueur.Infusionist Pomegranate and Cranberry Gold Flake Gin Liqueur. (Image: Newsquest)

Last but not least, Aldi’s Infusionist Pomegranate and Cranberry Gold Flake Gin Liqueur.

This gin was unlike any others we tried, for starters it is a liqueur so by nature is not as strong as your traditional gin and is used as a mixer compared to a spirit.

On its own, the gin liqueur isn’t bitter and is nice and fruity but I thought the pomegranate was overshadowed by the cranberry.

Adding the liqueur to tonic water, I thought it tasted nice, however, a member of the Gin Team said it would taste nicer with some Prosecco, but sadly, there was none nearby.

The shiny star, or in this case, Christmas Tree, or the product, was the design of the bottle, in the centre stood a glass Christmas Tree surrounded by floating gold flakes.

The bottle was very pretty and got a 10/10 for design, with a clear agreement from the gin team that it ranked best for design compared to the two other Aldi gins we tried.

The Gin Team score: 26/50

You can buy all of Aldi’s Christmas gins in stores nationwide now.