After much anticipation, The Traitors returned to the BBC last night (January 3) for its second series and retired teacher Diane is already being hailed the “winner” of the show.

The 63-year-old has become the latest obsession for viewers of the hit reality TV programme due to her impressive people-watching skills and ability to begin sussing out the Traitors straight away.

But her famous son Kerr Logan, who is an actor, has revealed that she kept a big secret from him recently.

Diane’s famous son reveals his 'bonkers' mum's secret

The Game of Thrones star announced he had no idea his mum was taking part in the new series.

Earlier this week (January 2), along with a picture of The Traitors cast, he posted on X, formerly Twitter: “I’m not joking….. a family member of mine is in this photo and I’ve only just found out.”

Kerr later tweeted: “My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. She’s bonkers. I’m scared. @TheTraitorsUK”

On Wednesday evening, he said: “My mother is trending on twitter….. one of the more surreal nights of my life…… @TheTraitorsUK”

Fans of The Traitors have since taken to social media to share their thoughts on Diane and just how much of an impact she is having on the award-winning show.

One person commented: “I just need the last scene of this season to be this Queen [Diane] dancing around the castle to Murder on the Dancefloor #TheTraitors”

Another added: “She had a bob and a dream, now she's every traitors worst nightmare #TheTraitors”

This viewer wrote: “Dianne clearly the star of the show already. Will be VERY surprised if the original traitors make it a week . They are brutal. #TheTraitors”

“DIANNE IS MY WINNER ALREADY,” exclaimed this user.

Describing her as the “main character”, one account said: “Obsessed with Diane and 'we don't all have to hug', she is the main character already #TheTraitors

BBC viewers are ‘obsessed’ with The Traitors series 2 after just 3 episodes

X has also been flooded with comments from fans praising the show after the first three episodes went live on BBC iPlayer, with this person claiming the third is the “wildest hour” of the UK version “by a country mile.”

They went on to say: “Pure chaos, drama and unforeseen outcomes you’ve never seen on this show before!! #TheTraitors”

“Obsessed with #TheTraitors once again and binged this week’s 3 episodes already. It’s bl***y brilliant TV! I literally jumped out of my seat at the end of that last episode. And now have to wait a week for the next one,” said someone else who tuned in.