easyJet holidays has revealed the 10 'weirdest' and 'wackiest' things to have been left in its hotel rooms. 

Despite the mental checklists we make to remember our keys, our phones, our passport and other essentials, it seems inevitable that some of our belongings will go a miss when we're on our holidays.

But sometimes, it's not just the essentials that people leave behind. 

From inflatable boats to caviar, sometimes people forget to pack the strangest items which leads to the most bizarre discoveries in their hotel rooms.

New research has been released by tour operator easyJet holidays following a survey of 100 hotels within its portfolio from across Europe.

The survey delved into the items that have been lost or abandoned in the last 12 months, with many proving outlandish.  

One of the most eccentric items commonly left behind was dentures, according to the data.

Some easyJet holiday hotels confessed to storing false teeth in lost property. 

Additionally, there have even been reports of outlandish costumes, with one hotel finding a full clown costume including shoes, wig and red nose. 

One hotel divulged to finding an array of witchcraft paraphernalia in one of their rooms, left behind by a would-be sorceress.

Elsewhere, some guests checked out of their stays without their prosthetic limbs - and in one case a glass eye. 

It might not be unusual to leave your purse or wallet behind but there was one case that one hotel found thousands of old German Mark coins stashed behind a toilet water tank. 

The tour operator also noted that sentimental items are often forgotten including wedding rings and personal photos.

However, one resort discovered a ‘lucky’ teacup belonging to a grandmother which she was using throughout her trip.

The news comes as easyJet holidays launches its Big Orange Sale on its 2024 holiday packages.

Sharing the bizarre discoveries, easyJet holidays has curated a top 10 list of the most unexpected items that tourists have forgotten to take home with them. 

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The top 10 weirdest items left behind in easyJet holidays hotel rooms

  1. Dentures 
  2. Witchcraft paraphernalia 
  3. Prosthetic limbs 
  4. Glass eye 
  5. Grandma’s ‘lucky’ tea cup 
  6. Thousands of German Marks 
  7. Clown costume 
  8.  Inflatable boat 
  9. Caviar 
  10. Rosary beads  

Matt Callaghan, Chief Operating Officer at easyJet Holidays, said: “Holidays are a time for total relaxation, and we love knowing that our customers make themselves comfortable in our resorts.

"Our research with our hotel partners has been interesting and some of the lost and found items are unusual, but we’re pleased to see that our customers have been enjoying themselves.”