I’m a big fan of skincare, but I’m not of fan of the hefty price tags that often come with it.

From designer brands like La Mer charging upwards of £360 for a moisturiser to Elemis pricing facial serums at £44, taking care of skin can be very costly.

This is why whenever I hear that another brand has created a dupe that will save me a lot of money, I’m more than happy to try.

In recent years budget-friendly supermarket Aldi has been busy making endless designer dupes, including their very own La Mer and Dior interpretations to name just a few.

Now, Aldi is back at it again with a brand-new skincare range inspired by bestselling brands Weleda and Elemis.

Set to help hydrate and protect skin, Aldi has created four new products that will soon become a must for your skincare routine.

Glasgow Times: The new products are inspired by Weleda and Elemis. The new products are inspired by Weleda and Elemis. (Image: Newsquest)

The brand's new range includes the Lacura Rich and Light moisturising creams, Lacura hydrating gel serum and the Lacura illuminating primer moisturiser.

I was lucky enough to give the new range a try before it arrived in stores and find out what I thought.

Are Aldi’s new Weleda and Elemis dupes good?

Starting with Lacura’s Moisturising Cream (£3.99) which comes in two versions, rich and light, Aldi has taken inspiration from the Weleda cream that’s priced at £10.96.

Both versions of the moisturiser offer a very nice fresh and clean scent that is not overpowering and helps make the product feel rich.

As someone who always uses moisturisers, I can sometimes find they can feel slimy or greasy on the skin, but that wasn’t the case with Aldi’s new products.

The rich and light versions flawlessly smoothed out onto the skin and quickly absorbed with clear signs that my skin had become moisturised and left it feeling fresh.

Glasgow Times:  Lacura’s Moisturising Cream. Lacura’s Moisturising Cream. (Image: Newsquest)

Better yet, when wearing makeup over the moisturiser, it didn’t make my makeup move or separate, instead, it helped give me a natural look.

Between the rich and light versions of the Aldi product, it is very clear that the rich is stronger, making it the perfect item for people with dry skin and it does the job quickly and well so you’re not waiting ages for it to work.

Moving on to the Lacura Hydrating Gel Serum (£4.99) a dupe of the Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice that costs £39.

On first use, I like the pump bottle that lets you use just enough instead of being left with an excessive amount of product that you can’t get back into the bottle.

Glasgow Times: Lacura Hydrating Gel Serum Lacura Hydrating Gel Serum (Image: Newsquest)

The serum itself does have a smell, it is a nice smell that isn’t too overpowering, but if you’re someone like me who prefers a non-scented face serum, I would consider that before it soaks in, you will smell scents of aloe juice.

A little goes a long way with Aldi’s new serum, I found one pump covered my whole face, leaving a smooth and clean look that gives a natural bright and glowing look.


However, the serum is slightly sticky on the face, if you use products like Elf’s Power Grip Primer then it might not come as a surprise.

But for first-time users of a sticky-feeling product, it may feel odd, but it does have its benefits, helping makeup grip to the face and locking in moisturiser. 

Glasgow Times: Illuminating Primer Moisturiser.Illuminating Primer Moisturiser. (Image: Newsquest)

Finally, the Illuminating Primer Moisturiser (£4.99) is inspired by the Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser (£39.99).

If you’re looking for a new primer that helps achieve a no makeup, makeup look, Aldi’s new primer is the perfect go-to.

Unlike some illumination moisturisers, it doesn’t look like you’ve covered your face in glitter and instead makes skin look clean and natural.

The primer also doesn’t shift makeup or make it separate, and if you’re looking for a make-up-free look but still want a healthy glow, Aldi’s primer does just that.

Aldi’s new skincare range will be available in all stores nationwide from Thursday, January 25.