Fans of a beloved chocolate bar have been left outraged after Cadbury confirmed that the recipe had changed.

The Time Out recipe was originally changed all the way back in 2016 with fans of the bar repeatedly calling for it to revert back to the original.

The change was confirmed by the brand this week after a user tweeted on X, formally known as Twitter, to ask: "Is there any chance of bringing back the original Time Out bar? These are just not the same and depressing."

Cadbury confirms Time Out recipe change amid fan outrage

Cadbury quickly responded to the post, saying: "Peoples’ tastes change from time to time, so it’s important that we have a wide range of products to cater for everyone."

Upset by this response, the user quipped: "But the original obviously tasted better!"

Others appeared to share his frustration with one person writing: "The original Time Out was one of my favourite chocolates… but once they turned into wafers, they weren’t nice."

A second person called on the brand to "bring back the original Time Out," with another adding: "haven’t been the same since they made them a biscuit."

Originally, Time Out came in packs of two and weighed a combined 50g.

However, recent incarnations of this beloved chocolate have appeared in packs of one, weighing just 20g.

Glasgow Times: The Time Out recipe was changed by Cadbury over dwindling sales.The Time Out recipe was changed by Cadbury over dwindling sales. (Image: PA)

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The size isn't the only difference noticed by fans with the recipe also being altered to include more wafer and less chocolate.

This was part of a move by Cadbury to make the confectionary more health-conscious amid dwindling sales.

Speaking of the changes, a Cadbury spokesperson said: "Research shows Cadbury Time Out wasn’t as popular as other bars so instead of discontinuing, we’ve gave it a helping hand with a few changes!"

This comes as popular treats like Caramac and Peanut Caramel Crisp were axed by the giant.